You will need
  • -1 liter of water;
  • -10 drops of lemon oil;
  • -20 drops rosemary oil.
Cats do not like citrus fragrances. If you live in a country house with plot, for cat fanciers, but some may povalitsya to wander around the garden and spoil landing. Will macrosite skins of lemons or oranges in those places where they go should not be. On shrubs and the lower branches of trees you can hang the sachets with citrus oils. Spray the soil with white vinegar – the smell is also in the category of the hated for cats. As natural repellents can serve mint, lavender, Rue, which can be seated in the area. Their scent, the cat will smell at a distance.
In pet stores sell special cat repellent sprays, made on the basis of the hated animal odors. The principle of operation is simple: the places where the cat tries to play a prank, sprayed with spray, the animal realizes that this place is better not to go – judging by the smell, there's nothing good. They can be made independently, mixing the necessary ingredients.
Cats can deter the smells of essential oils derived from peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, citronella, orange. You can prepare repellents based on oil of lemon grass, cinnamon, rosemary. To prepare the repellent will need to mix one part of oil with three parts of water.
Mix the ingredients and apply with a sprayer, spray the places where the cat can't stick his nose in. First treatment will need to be done every day until the cat will not understand what to these sites housing is better suited. But many Pets then try to check if that changed with an unpleasant odor, so owners should be vigilant. Solution before use, it is necessary to shake well and spray in those places where the presence of the animal is undesirable. Can be a pipette to apply drops of the solution on cotton balls and scatter them where necessary.