You will need
  • - sprinkle with water;
  • - the nail clipper.
To wean a kitten climbing the curtains is difficult, but possible. The most radical method – to try to fix curtains upstairs above the reach or remove them for the period of accustoming the kitten to the rules of conduct in the house. It's ugly, but when the kitten gets used to play with her toys and to sharpen the claws in place, the curtains will be not interested in him.
как приучить котенка не царапатся
Lay next to the curtains peel of citrus fruit or use to flavor approaches to the curtains of citrus essential oils. Since cats do not tolerate such odors, kitty on the curtains sway will not.
как сделать постель для собаки из рубашки
Seeing that the animal creeps to the curtains with the clear intention to hang, spray him with water or make a loud, sharp sound. It can be cotton paper or just cry. Repeat so until then, until the kitten is convinced that all his attempts to play with the curtains lead to trouble.
кроватки для котят черных
Do not leave your pet in the room alone with long curtains. The temptation will be too great and the likelihood of damage to the blinds will increase.
Почему кошка писает на кровать хозяев
Check the condition of the claws, regularly undercutting them. If the kitten will have nothing to cling to fabric, and the sense to climb on the curtains will be lost.
Как отучить кошку лазить по столам
Buy kitten a special pole with a platform or a tree which you can climb up. It will help leisure and will switch attention from curtains.