How to meet a guy at school

Try to know more about the guy that you like. It is important to have in the hands of the "trump card", which could be unobtrusive to make acquaintance with him. Knowing that a smart guy and well versed in the exact Sciences, you can ask for his help. It is sure to offer something in return.

For example, if this is your classmate, you probably know about his weaknesses (for example, he bad given spelling dictation). If the guy is older or younger than you, use their information about his Hobbies and offer him what may interest him.

Then often remind him of himself, but unobtrusive. As often as possible fall in his eyes. To do this, learn its lessons and start to practice random encounters, don't forget to chat with. So, for example, in the dining room you can ask "what are we having for lunch today?" or "you're the last time, I always got that advise here to eat?".
However, it is important that it does not look too Intrusive. Otherwise you can call the guy irritated.

In the hallway you can ask, where is any room or if he had seen the teacher of English. Alternatively, you can just again ask for help in anything.

During these meetings, if you feel a response, get with a guy conversation. Discuss your General teachers talk about the recent school event or a new movie (concert, etc.). But in any case don't tell him "tell me something". This is one of those questions that put the interlocutor into a dead end. Ask whether it is in social networks. If so, you can be added to it to friends.

If none of the tips did not bring results, consider that maybe it's not your man. In this case, it is not necessary to spend forces for continuation of the communication. In addition, it is possible that if you stop to show a guy interest and begin to chat with another young man, he can start looking for meeting with you.

How to meet a girl in school

In principle, advice for Dating a guy not much different from Dating a girl. However, there are several points to consider the guy who wants to win a girl's heart.

Be active. As a rule, ambitious, energetic guys in the form of "bad boy" is much more likely to meet with a girl than a shy and insecure "good boy."

Be the initiator. Girls like when the guy takes matters into his own hands. Liked the girl - don't be shy, feel free to come and meet. The school has many places to do it. In addition to the dining room, hallway and gymnasium (Assembly hall) you have during class under any pretext to call her out of class and a short note with your phone number, "nickname" in the social network and the phrase "I'll wait".
Offer the girl help in the classroom, it's hard.

If you are not able to overcome his shyness and excitement can find it in social networks and to make her correspondence. Note, however, that girls usually don't like overly obsessive and pessimistic romantics. Try to intrigue, to arouse her interest. Talk to her about her Hobbies or the movies that she likes. Then you can offer to go with her to the movie.

If, in response to your actions you see only a silence and misunderstanding, do not worry. You will definitely find the one that will value you for the man.

Don't be afraid to make the first move! Tune in to positive, and you will succeed.