To quarrel came to the parting

People sometimes quarrel with each other. But after any fight the guy or the girl have to put up with. The most popular way to make peace with a loved - sincerely ask him for an apology. If you apologize sincerely, saying a good speech, most likely, you will receive his forgiveness.
Try to apologize to your speech really talked about the fact that you regret what you did. If you want to make peace, not to quarrel finally, in any case do not say that your the guy to blame for what happened.

Another way of reconciliation with boyfriend is texting. Write him that missed and reconciliation make him an invitation to the restaurant. Can try to download from Internet various short poems and send them to the young man. If you want to be original, instead of SMS, use an ordinary letter.

If your kid misbehaved, do not touch it for a while, let him cool down and he will analyze the situation. It may take an hour, a day, and maybe a few days. Behave cautiously and wisely not to ask Intrusive questions: "Where are you? Why are you not talking to me? You can't love me?". During this time, look at your argument through his eyes, assess properly the situation. Maybe it's a fleeting flash of anger, or you have touched a nerve or offended by his word, behavior? Do you feel guilt? Look for ways of reconciliation.

Simple, but the magic word "sorry"

Indeed, everything can be solved with one word. Enough to hug a loved one and to admit his guilt. Unfortunately, not all quarrels are solved so simply. You can go on a little female cunning to give your boyfriend a welcome surprise. And let this be the most awkward gift, but your goal is to get a loved at least smile. Invite your boyfriend on a romantic dinner, during which we'll apologize. Present your surprise and say that you don't want to fight anymore. Don't be afraid to speak frankly about their feelings to the beloved. This party usually has a romantic sequel that will tie tight your warm relationship. Show maximum care to your boyfriend. He must feel that you are smaller than him, quarrelled, and wish a speedy reconciliation. The main thing in relations of two is understanding and dialogue. After all, you can find out by calm and sometimes stormy discussion of the issue.
Each dialogue should be involved both parties no matter who is the initiator of the dispute. It is important that you are listened to and heard. So you are learning each other.

If you care about your guy, in the future, try not to make mistakes that provoke a quarrel.