If you care about your boyfriend, then you need to learn to prioritize. Provided that you need this man, you need to take it for what it is. Each of us have weaknesses. If you are confident in your feelings, the weaknesses of your spouse will not become a reason for quarrel.
In extreme cases, you will find out all the details. Is always more effective communication in the form of a dialogue than mutual accusations. When identifying problems immediately offer solutions. Discuss them. Be sure to find the compromise that suits you both.
If necessary, set certain rules which you stick to. Do not break them to avoid conflicts.
Learn the habits of each other. Understand that changing habits is very difficult. Not worth breaking a well-established character, because you love a person like that. If you value the relationship, you probably will meet each other at some points.
Not crevices on each other. Everyone is a bad mood. Learn how to get rid of negative emotions, without compromising the composure of a loved one. As relaxing activities that you arrange a romantic evening, listen to your favorite music.
A good way to understand the motives of your guy is to put yourself in his place. Imagine how he feels, what he wants. You different, so your opinion may differ. It is very important to want to understand each other, then many problems will resolve themselves.
Do not try to influence the kid tantrums. Your you are unlikely to achieve, and the relationship will spoil. Constant tantrums will not stand no man. Learn to Express the desires of other, more peaceful ways. Motivate their requests using logical formulations.