The destruction of ants may take a few days, depending on the extent of damage. The complete extermination of the ants takes place after you destroy all the nests and pockets. It is possible to apply processing of the apartment antiseptic. But this procedure is troublesome and inefficient. The ants that are in your house, will die, but those who live outside it, and immediately come to your house again, so ants need to be eliminated EN masse.
If the source of the ants is in the house, you must first find the focus. Follow them, understand where they are going, and then find the nest. You immediately realize that this is it, if you see a bunch of ants and eggs, but don't push them, be first, dichlorvos, it is very well destroys ants and captures a huge range. They just don't have time to escape and die.
If once you destroyed a nest in your kitchen continue to climb the ants in your apartment is another source. Treat the house with special crayons in specialized stores is their huge variety. The ants will eat the poison and spread it to their children and uterus, and then will soon die, then will no longer host in your apartment.