You will need
  • Vinegar
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Red pepper
  • MOP
  • The use detergent with chlorine
In every house is vinegar, but not everyone knows that it can be used not only for cooking but also as a means of removing ants. Pour a little vinegar into a Cup, dip the sponge into it and wipe all the surfaces that you use often. This will repel ants from the temptation to ever appear in your home.
If you will regularly take out the garbage, chances are that you will need to output the ants drastically reduced. The bin is the perfect place to hide the ants. From time to time sprinkle it with insect repellent.
To get rid of ants will help red pepper. Sprinkle it on the floor, the corners of the cabinets and all the places where the ants could ambush. You'll see it will help.
At least a couple times a week thoroughly vacuum all the carpets in the house. Carpets – an ideal place for ants – there can hobnob crumbs and it is convenient to hide and to lay eggs. Don't forget about it when next time in my head then suddenly the thought: "do not postpone the cleaning?".
To fight insects and help wet cleaning. Wipe the floors with a chlorine solution – a disinfection always save you from the ants.