Advice 1: How to bring ants

Ants house is a serious problem. No worse than cockroaches – they catch all the food and become sources of serious infectious diseases. Fortunately, ways to get rid of them – quite a lot.
Ants is not only a hard-working forest insects, but also the carriers of many diseases
You will need
  • Vinegar
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Red pepper
  • MOP
  • The use detergent with chlorine
In every house is vinegar, but not everyone knows that it can be used not only for cooking but also as a means of removing ants. Pour a little vinegar into a Cup, dip the sponge into it and wipe all the surfaces that you use often. This will repel ants from the temptation to ever appear in your home.
If you will regularly take out the garbage, chances are that you will need to output the ants drastically reduced. The bin is the perfect place to hide the ants. From time to time sprinkle it with insect repellent.
To get rid of ants will help red pepper. Sprinkle it on the floor, the corners of the cabinets and all the places where the ants could ambush. You'll see it will help.
At least a couple times a week thoroughly vacuum all the carpets in the house. Carpets – an ideal place for ants – there can hobnob crumbs and it is convenient to hide and to lay eggs. Don't forget about it when next time in my head then suddenly the thought: "do not postpone the cleaning?".
To fight insects and help wet cleaning. Wipe the floors with a chlorine solution – a disinfection always save you from the ants.

Advice 2: How to bring ants in the house

There are more than 6 thousand species of ants. But in the apartment or in the house can stay just two species – red home and red ants. Since insects can be carriers of dangerous diseases, for the reason that crawling in the habitats of mice, rats, and then at the food, plus they are very painful bite, fire ants need to fight by all available means.
How to bring ants in the house
You will need
  • - a piece of chalk from cockroaches;
  • - aerosol against flying and crawling insects;
  • - boric acid;
  • - med;
  • - sugar;
  • - stuffing;
  • - any special tools that sell in the Department of gardening;
  • - vinegar;
  • - plant tomatoes;
  • - snuff;
  • - cinnamon;
  • - wormwood;
  • - yeast;
  • - baking powder.
Fighting with ants is aimed at reducing the number of emerging insects, but the main goal is the destruction of the uterus. If you display only the worker ants, it will not lead to their complete extermination. So use such tools that will give purposeful action, that is, the ants have to bring the drugs for destruction at their paws into the nest and feed them the main source of the spread of livestock – formic uterus. In the same house can accommodate several families of ants, therefore, Queens will be few, as this insect lives exclusively to their families.
A very effective way of killing ants is a treatment of all areas of movement small cockroaches. Buy any chalk, they are sold under various trade names, as well treat them all the floor, the road to the water wall. If you notice where the nest is, spray it with spray flying or crawling insects.
To worker ants brought the tools to deal with them in the nest, to make the solution, mix 500 ml of water with 50 grams of borax, add 2 tablespoons of honey 300 gr. sugar. All mix thoroughly and place in small saucers in all areas of the house. Ants not only eat themselves, but will bring the sticky solution into the nest, where they will treat the uterus.
Can also prepare a mixture of water, honey, sugar, borax and glycerin. All mix in equal proportions and spread out on an iron lid or shallow saucer. Or mix 100 gr. ground beef and 1 teaspoon of borax. In General, borax can be used with practically any products, you can buy it at the pharmacy.
Folk remedies use garlic, the tops of tomatoes, snuff. As well as cinnamon, vinegar, tarragon, yeast, baking powder. For use of these funds is enough to create the smell in the places of movement of the ant, they die, but always leave your home or, at least, at least for a while.
Unable to combat ants, buy one of the tools that are available in a wide range of products for the garden and designed specifically for the destruction of ants.
In order to prevent the ants time to clean dirty dishes, take out the trash and do not leave the products exposed. Most often, the ants go into the house the smell of food and dwell in it, and then have them long and hard to fight.
How to lead small ants out of the apartment. Ants in the apartment . Who knows ants? There is hardly a person who has never seen an ant. I don't know exactly, but maybe in the tundra they do not happen because there is permafrost. They live everywhere: in the South, and in the middle belt, and North.
Useful advice
The appearance of the house ants like a small invasion. Ant army instantly fills the whole house and destroys all the food reserves. What attracts ants in apartments? First and foremost, it is uncleared from the table of leftover food, unwashed dishes in the sink and full trash. How to pull ants out of a house or apartment?
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