Advice 1: How to print on Tatar

Modern Tatar alphabet was introduced in 1939. It includes 33 letters of the Russian alphabet and 6 specific signs for sounds of the Tatar language. Starting with XP, Windows operating systems support the Tatar language.
How to print on Tatar
To print the Tatar language, Tatar, first add the layout to the language bar of Windows. To do this, click on the icon that displays the current language layout, the right mouse button and select in the drop-down menu Options. On the screen appears the window "Languages and services of text input". Click the button "Add". In the window that appears, add the Tatar language from the "input Language". Press the OK button. Confirm adding of the Tatar language in the "Languages and services of text input" button click "Apply" and close the window with OK. After these operations, you will be able to type using Cyrillic Tatar layout, which you can switch by pressing Alt+Shift.
The Tatar keyboard layout has several features. The location of the characters of the Russian language in this layout is almost same as in Russian. Additional 6 characters from the Tatar alphabet replaces the rarely used letters – e, W, C, u, b and b. As in the official Tatar alphabet of 39 characters, all of them were difficult to place on a conventional keyboard. Therefore, to maintain the ability to use standard keyboard Tatar keyboard has additional mode – Alt. In this mode, entered the seldom-used symbols of the Russian alphabet, which replaced the Tatar.
From the Tatar layouts excluded Russian soft sign. Because, despite the presence in the alphabet, it is not used in the Tatar language, as well as in Latin. So when you press the soft sign hold the Alt key, nothing will not be printed. It is not an error of your operating system, although it may cause inconvenience. If you need to print it with a soft sign, just switch to Russian layout.

Advice 2 : How to install the Tatar font

If you need to perform any work with the use of the Tatar language and fontapplies to it, you will have to spend a little time setting the language and downloading fonts.
How to install the Tatar font
You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
When you install Windows XP, install support for all available languages, because in future you may need it. This configuration will not take much space on your hard drive, but at certain points can be invaluable.
Open the control panel by the computer and select the last menu – "Language and regional standards". Here you can configure everything regarding the add and remove keyboard layouts that support one or another language operating system and editors, to configure the keyboard to change keyboard layouts, input to apply a specific language for certain programs, editors, and many others.
Before changing settings it is best to create a restore point operating system if you are not confident in their skills in computer, select utility in the list of standard utilities, start menu, add recovery points, and continue the change your language preferences.
Navigate in the window that opens on the second tab of the language settings in the upper right corner click the "read More". In the field add keyboard layouts, click "Add". Select from the drop down list of available languages Tatar.
Apply changes if needed - do not select your languages and then delete them from switching layouts using the corresponding button. It is best then to restart the computer, even if that does not require an operating system.
If you want the fonts that are installed in a text editor was applicable to the Tatar language, make sure when downloading that this language is supported by the font, or use the special download of Tatar fonts from dedicated websites.
Not all fonts are universal.
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