You will need
  • - computer
  • keyboard
Check what languages are installed on your computer "default". If left factory settings, the language bar is in the lower right corner of the monitor. There should be displayed, e.g. EN, which means now the computer you can print only in English letters.
If you see the language indicator, hover over the item. Left mouse button click on the displayed language. Will come up a small panel, which will include the symbols, the language you installed "by default". For example, for residents of Russia it is a standard EN and EN.
Install the necessary Kazakh language on their own. In the lower left corner of the screen, locate the "start" button. In some versions of Windows it will be signed, in some it's just a circle with a four color flag – the symbol of operating system.
In the menu "start" select "control Panel". Window opens Settings "PC settings", where you can configure the system to fit your needs. For installation of the Kazakh language in the list find the option "Language and regional standards". Open it. Here is a window with several tabs: "Formats", "Location", "keyboards and Languages", "Advanced". With one click, open the "Languages and keyboard".
In the new window, click "Change keyboards" > "Add". In the opened list of the world's languages, locate the "Kazakh". Click on the "+" icon twice. In the popup window "Keyboard", check the check box next to the desired language.
Click "Show" to the right of the language selection, the keyboard will be typical for the Kazakh language signs. Copy this information or take a photo of the screen, so you do not waste time looking for the right characters.
Confirm your selection with the "OK" button. In the next window you can set the Kazakh language "default". Then it will begin operation of the computer, and you don't have to switch keyboard.
If you don't need the other languages, delete them. Select in the window a certain language, press the menu button on the right "Remove". The language of the "default" you cannot. Confirm the change by clicking Apply > OK.
Close all Windows. The changes will take effect immediately. To check availability of the Kazakh language you can, using the Shift switch (Lev) + Alt, or turning again to the language bar.