Advice 1: How to install the Tatar font

If you need to perform any work with the use of the Tatar language and fontapplies to it, you will have to spend a little time setting the language and downloading fonts.
How to install the Tatar font
You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
When you install Windows XP, install support for all available languages, because in future you may need it. This configuration will not take much space on your hard drive, but at certain points can be invaluable.
Open the control panel by the computer and select the last menu – "Language and regional standards". Here you can configure everything regarding the add and remove keyboard layouts that support one or another language operating system and editors, to configure the keyboard to change keyboard layouts, input to apply a specific language for certain programs, editors, and many others.
Before changing settings it is best to create a restore point operating system if you are not confident in their skills in computer, select utility in the list of standard utilities, start menu, add recovery points, and continue the change your language preferences.
Navigate in the window that opens on the second tab of the language settings in the upper right corner click the "read More". In the field add keyboard layouts, click "Add". Select from the drop down list of available languages Tatar.
Apply changes if needed - do not select your languages and then delete them from switching layouts using the corresponding button. It is best then to restart the computer, even if that does not require an operating system.
If you want the fonts that are installed in a text editor was applicable to the Tatar language, make sure when downloading that this language is supported by the font, or use the special download of Tatar fonts from dedicated websites.
Not all fonts are universal.

Advice 2: How to learn to speak Tatar

The Tatar language has greatly enriched his vocabulary of the Russian language. And at the same time he took himself from the Russian. In addition, the Tatar has a logical structure. Therefore, to understand and learn to communicate it simply.
How to learn to speak Tatar
You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • speakers or headphones;
  • Russian - Tatar and Tatar-Russian dictionary;
  • Skype.
Learn the basics of the Tatar language, learn the most simple and common words (hi, bye, Mama, Papa, thank you, etc.) Every day, systematically learning new words will greatly enhance your vocabulary. In addition, you will find a relationship between many Russian and Tatar words. At this stage it is important to have an understanding of the grammar of the language. Without awareness of grammatical features of the language, further study of the Tatar language can take a lot of time and become useless memorization of words, sentences, expressions.
Be sure to practice listening. Listen to music in the Tatar language, watch films, broadcasts, etc. This will allow your ear to get used to the sound of the foreign language, to identify and better remember the already known words. At the initial stage, it is desirable to have a text that you are listening to. In the future this need will disappear.
Read in the Tatar language. Reading stimulates a deeper memorization of words and understanding of the logic and structure of language. Thus, you will meet with many stable expressions. On the Internet there are a large number of materials (books, Newspapers, journals, publications) in the Tatar language.
Get to know the Tatar culture, traditions and customs. It is impossible to speak without knowledge of the Tatar culture of the people. Without knowing the specifics of communication and accepted norms of behavior and etiquette, you can get into silly, and sometimes even unpleasant situation associated with differences in linguistic thinking.
Communicate with native speakers. There's nothing more effective in language learning than language practice. Go to a remote Tatar village, where you will not have other exit, except for direct interaction with the Tatars. If you do not have the opportunity to visit the Republic of Tatarstan, to find interlocutors can from home. On that computer, install the Skype program, find native speakers of the Tatar language and communicate with them in real time.
Useful advice
For best results you do a language at least 30 minutes daily.

Advice 3: Where to install font to Photoshop

In working with images we often use non-standard fontsand sometimes the peculiarities of a font determine a graphical solution, for example, when creating logos. So, if you have installed and actively used by the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop, sooner or later, but will have to deal with the need to add to the list of available fonts one or several.
Where to install font to Photoshop
If you have downloaded a font from the Internet, chances are it is Packed in the archive, so it should start with retrieving the file. You can click on the archive, right-click and choose in the pop menu one of the options for this operation: "extract to current folder", "Extract files" etc - in different archivers use different wording for these commands. In this case, would retrieve all objects including unnecessary to install the accompanying texts, pictures, samples, labels with links, etc. This can be avoided if double-click to open a window with a contents list and select a file it will have the extension ttf or otf. This object can then be dragged from the list box, for example, to your desktop.Prepared file need to install the operating system, as Photoshop uses the system fonts. If the computer is running Windows 7 or Vista, the easiest way to do this via the file's context menu - click right-click and select the command "Install". But you can do it "manually" by moving the file to the Fonts folder, which is placed in a directory with the operating system - usually called Windows. After this we need to get a graphics editor to update its information about the contents of a folder with fonts. If your last operation was not in Photoshop using the Text tool, it is enough to activate it. Otherwise, you may need to restart the application.In addition to the system fonts all installed in the computer Adobe can use your own list of fonts. It is formed from files placed in a directory with the name Fonts, but located on the system disk in Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Fonts (Mac - Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts). If you want to limit the use of installed font only Adobe applications, copy the file in this folder.
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