As with any weight loss, you must begin with a review of the food. For starters, throw away all the pastry, leaving only whole wheat bread. Then at least temporarily refrain from fried, smoked and fatty meals and also beer, soft drinks and candies. Sweet you can leave only the dark chocolate – at least 70% cocoa. To reduce thighs with diet, you need to focus on easily digestible proteins – cottage cheese, poultry, legumes. It is also necessary to consume sufficient amount of fiber, grains, and complex carbohydrates.
Here is a sample menu for the day: Breakfast toast bread with bran, fresh or baked tomatoes with cheese or a banana with a glass of skim milk. For lunch, it is preferable to use baked potatoes, unpolished rice, boiled beans with lemon juice or low-fat soup of poultry with a slice of whole wheat bread. For dinner, definitely squirrels. It may be roast Turkey, chicken or fish, served with a big portion of salad. Snack two slices of dark chocolate with coffee or unsweetened tea, handful of nuts, dried fruit, yogurt and apples. As you can see, you can wander slim thighs without restrictions.
On the way to the goal, do not be lazy. Try to perform exercises to reduce thighs at least every other day. Even really busy girls can make time for a half-hour jog or an intense walk. And to make the swings and squats can be watching your favorite TV series.
Sit on the floor, place hands behind buttocks. Squeeze the ankles and a small ball or a roll of toilet paper. Slowly bending his knees, pododvigat the subject to the buttocks.
Spreading her legs much wider than shoulder width, stretch your arms in front of him. Deep squat on one leg, and the second set aside, putting on the inner side of the foot. No lifting, put your weight on the other leg while straightening the first.
Stand with your feet shoulder width pelvic bones. Without bending knees, bend and place your palms on the floor. Sliding feet on a floor, extend your legs as wide as possible. The load is transferred to the hands. To accomplish exercises for reducing thighs was easier, put on your socks and stand on bare floor.
Get on all fours, leaning against knees and palms. Make the swing to the side of the first bent-knee leg, and then with force throw the straight leg back. This exercise can be performed standing, leaning his hands on the wall. As you can see, it's not hard to slim thighs without restrictions.