If you have too thin legs, do some strength training. At least at least two or three times each week, visit the gym, paying attention to the development and strengthening of foot muscles, doing special exercises.
Exercises to strengthen the leg muscles can be performed not only in the gym but at home. It does not require much time, but you may be able to achieve the desired result. Sample exercise: stand with your feet should be about shoulder-width apart, tighten your abdomen and buttocks. Rise on tiptoe, as if stretching upward, then stay in this position for a few seconds, and then scroll down. Repeat this exercise at least 15-20 times. Also, to achieve harmony, engaged in dances and aerobics.
If your legs are too full, make them toned and slim at the expense of those sports that burn unwanted calories. It is primarily running, dancing, aerobics. These types of workouts will help you to spend a large amount of energy, and due to this you will lose weight. Home make attacks with their feet.
Do some exercises in order to make legs more toned: do leg lifts position the emphasis on the knees and out of position on the back, a bending of feet lying. These simple movements will help to remove excess fat from the hips and strengthen the muscles.
Normalize diet. Fat is stored mostly on the hips, so from the regular menu it is necessary to remove heavy food, and the meat is replaced by lean chicken and fish. Do not eat high-calorie cheese and mayonnaise, try to eat less fried foods.It is possible that these actions cannot change the innate structure of your feet, but you will still be satisfied with the result. The legs will be smoother, the muscles more elastic, gait will become easier, and posture more graceful and slimmer.