Need to remove traces of the stickers are often caused by mischief of children. But sometimes, you need to clear them from the surface of newly purchased goods, for example, pans with Teflon coating. Today, many manufacturers adorn their products with stickers advertising and other measures. The peculiarity of such labels and price tags that they bad removed from any surface (metal, glass or wood), leaving a sticky spot.

Is it possible to remove the trace of the sticker by mechanical means?

If the surface of the product is such that it is difficult to damage with a sharp object (for example, negazirovannaya ceramics), it is possible to clean a sticky spot, careful scrapers, razor-sharp blade of the knife. But in this case, do not force to push the product, so as not to be left on the surface scratches. It is not recommended to use this method to remove price tags and stickers from textiles, glass, wood, enamelware, or soft metals.

Ways to remove the sticky trace of the stickers

If the product does not the terrible treatment fluid (for example, it is made of glass), you can immerse it in warm water and leave for a while. On average, only 20-30 minutes to ensure that the paper is completely soaked, after which it is easily removed from the surface of the product, together with the adhesive layer. As a rule, traces of the sticker remains. But if the stain still remains, you need to RUB it with a soft brush or cloth. In most cases, the adhesive layer is quite simple to remove.

For plastic, wood, metal surfaces more suitable for another way to remove traces of stickers: with the help of vegetable oil. In this case you need to moisten with oil on a cotton ball or the edge of a rag and RUB the stain. Soon, the sticky fibers will start to slide in the larger pellets and will completely disappear from the surface of the product. This method can be used only after the removal of labels upper paper layer. The easiest way to do this by pre-softening the paper with hot water.

Another way to remove the sticky stain – use alcohol or vodka. It is enough to slightly RUB a cotton pad soaked in any of these liquids, and the surface becomes clean. To remove traces of stickers, leather, calico, fabric, there are special tools. For example, "UHU Etikettenloser" or "Off Label". They are applied to the stain with a brush or sprayed with a spray gun.