You will need
  • - acetone;
  • oil;
  • soap;
  • the pumice stone or sandpaper;
  • - alcoholic solutions;
  • - greasy cream;
  • - Dimexidum;
  • -
What to do if the glue onto your skin? Grease your hands with oil and wash thoroughly. Once the glue is certainly not going away, but over time will definitely flakes off in the wash process. Or try to clean it with acetone.
Another way to make your hands procedure: wash them in hot water with soap and RUB the area where you got the glue with a pumice stone. If pumice is not available, use (don't be surprised!) sandpaper. RUB it to the problem areas and rinse with hot water and soap.
Also can help substances, which include alcohol (vodka, liquid nail Polish remover, Cologne). RUB their hands every 5-10 minutes. The skin forms a pellicle, which is easy to remove. However, remember that all these manipulations injure the epidermis, and therefore after the procedure be sure to use a fatty cream.
If adhesive must be removed from plastic surfaces, buy at the pharmacy dimexide - liquid for compresses. Work with it in gloves and respirator, this tool has a very unpleasant smell, be careful if you have allergies.
Visit the shops of building materials. They usually close with superglue sale supersmile to him - "An Supermoment," the cleaner "Contact". But first try it on some inconspicuous area, let's see how it will react with the surface to be cleaned. Usually the structure of such cleaners include nitro, it effectively removes super glue stains from a conventional adhesive, ink, marker marks.
Please note that cleaners do not spread, they can be used on vertical surfaces. Work with all these tools need gloves. The cleanser, apply a spot of glue, RUB and leave it for a while. Adhesive stains should dissolve.
If the superglue got on the fabric, do not remove it immediately, wait. Over time, the "stranglehold" of the adhesive is reduced. After 2-3 days it will start to pull away from dense tissue. Then slightly soften fabric with light hammer blows and sasteria hot water. If you allow the quality of the fabric, try to remove the stain with acetone.