You will need
  • - material "Bimast Bombs" or "Vibroplast";
  • - solvent;
  • construction or household Hairdryer;
  • roulette;
  • - sharp scissors;
  • glue.
To begin, remove from the saloon everything that can be removed (seats, dashboard), etc. First remove the back seat, then front. With the latter, you will have little trouble, because in addition to mounting bolts with them, you need to remove the springs. Then remove the Central part, which consists of upper and lower body. Next, remove the steering wheel and dashboard. In that case, when you do not particularly want to mess with the panel, you can just push the panel aside.
Once you get everything cleaned up, start to glue the cabin. Before gluing with solvent degrease all of the surfaces. First floor glue, cutting with scissors to the desired contour in the material. As the floor has a relief surface, the material "Bimast Bombs" will need to warm up a hair dryer to soft as it's the most repeated form of sex. The curves and the space behind the seal flap of the front additional layer "Bimast" or "Vibroplast".
Then glue the instrument panel and a flap front. Then glue the inside panel (the joints of the air duct, air duct). Assembling the Central tunnel, glue the joints and lower part. To ensure that the noise does not penetrate from the side of the trunk, glue the bottom and wheel arches. When you are finished with the lower part of the cabin, start to handle ceiling and doors.
After sizing correctly connect all cables, tighten all of the mounts, putting the interior parts in place. After Assembly of the cabin, check the car on the road - this will allow you to hear where the noise is fully isolated and where not.