Advice 1: Looks like a second-class carriage inside

A trip in the car with reserved seats - the most popular in Russia kind of movement on a railway transportation of distant following. This is a relatively cheap way to get from St. Petersburg to Moscow, low-cost service for 8 hours for people with average income, students. Second-class cars are equipped with almost all trains of distant following of the Russian Federation. Depending on the status of the train (new, old or brand) car with reserved seats differ in degree of comfort.
Reserved seat - one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to get from one city to another
In the second-class railroad car is equipped with 54 beds, are grouped by 4 in each compartment. Of them 18 seats and side shelves, located in the aisle of the train. All the shelves are divided into upper and lower. Each compartment has a pull-out table, hooks for clothes, sometimes for things that are located below the lower and above the second shelf.

The passage extends between the lateral and transverse shelves from one end to another. Two sides of the carriage are toilets with wash basins. Branded trains began to make two toilet with only one hand. Compartment of the conductor is on the input side. Next to the handler is a pot of hot drinking water. The guide can be purchased tea, sweets, have a glass of tea or coffee.

Each compartment held radio and almost always ventilation. The volume of the radio can be changed if the neighbors won't mind. The compartment open, not closed. Branded trains are sometimes equipped with additional storage space in the form of shelves and even have lighting for every space. But most often, these additional features - the prerogative of cars type coupe.

Each top shelf is equipped with the necessary equipment to protect from falls from above. Most often this is the pen that can be omitted as unnecessary. For each shelf in the presence of a mattress, a pillow and a woolen plaid blanket. All this can be used if you have purchased a set of bed linen.

The top shelf is the most convenient choice for those who prefer to sleep a lot in the train and doesn't like to be disturbed. Special ladder for lifting on the top shelf is not provided. On each side of the shelves there's one more step, standing on which and myself, need to reach the top shelf. So, if you doubt your physical abilities, you buy the ticket on the bottom shelf.

You should carefully choose the place in the car. The floor shelf can be recognized by the number: bottom shelf - all the odd numbers, the top shelf is even. You can use the layout of the seats in the car when you buy a ticket through the website. The numbering begins from the entrance vestibule on the left compartment and then back on the side shelves. Thus, with the numbers 37 start side shelves. Rooms 34-38, 1-4, 53, 54 are close to the area of the toilet and outputs, so the least convenient because of the smell and noise of the doors in the passage.

Advice 2: How are second-class seat on the train

When you stand on the platform and watch as it rushes past the passenger train, all the cars seem similar. They are the same size, but each of them can accommodate different numbers of passengers depending on which type. Most spacious car of those who are part of the long-distance trains, is second-class.
How are second-class seat on the train
The second-class wagons are usually at the beginning or end of the train, which is sleeping and compartment cars of a class "Premium". In all these types of cars is that the passenger can not only sit on during the journey and lay on a separate shelf. However, it is located in them with varying degrees of comfort.
In a sleeper in a separate double compartment can accommodate 18 passengers in the car Premium there are only 4 single or double compartment, more like a cosy hotel room. In a compartment car – 9 seater coupe, but a second-class carriage separate reclining seats are provided for 54 passengers.
Of this number, 36 are private quadruple cells that do not have doors, and 18 on the side of the upper and lower shelves are located in front of such cells along the common passage. In each cell there are two upper and two lower berths and a table. The table and two seats transformered and lower side shelf along the aisle. Under all the bottom bunks there is a space in which to place the Luggage. Part of it can be put on additional shelves that are over the top in places.
At the beginning of the car is a coupe conductors and toilet, second toilet is at the end of the couchette car. Opposite the compartment conductors installed titanium, which, according to the rules of carriage of passengers, you can always score the hot water for tea. To order tea in the way you can and guide, but it will need to be paid separately.
All lower berths in second-class carriage is odd, all the top – even. Places 1 through 36 are the individual cells 37 through 54 on the side shelves. Next to the toilet at the end of the car is 35 and 36th place. They are perhaps the most uncomfortable because the toilet is a vestibule for smokers who will run there for the journey. But reserved seats – the cheapest and most popular form of a train of those that move over long distances.
The arrangement of seats in second-class carriage

Advice 3: How to equip the lighting over the table

In most cafeterias dining table lights the chandelier on the ceiling. Whatever the taste of the owners, most likely, they will prefer the lighting over the table. The question is, at what height should to place it.
Proper lighting of the table in the dining room is a well-chosen chandelier
The most important condition is that the distance between the chandelier and the table to the last was sufficiently lighted, and that the chandelier should not interfere with the Diners to chat with each other, obstructing his face.

At what height should I hang a chandelier

The basic rule is that the distance between the lamp and the table was 75 – 90 cm, given that the height of the walls equal to 240 cm
Some designers suggest to increase the distance by 2 cm for each additional 10 cm of height of the walls. But other experts say that it's not necessary.

If your dining room ceiling is higher than usual, then the best recommendation would be to try to hang a chandelier at different heights. As soon as you will have to arrange a certain height, the chandelier may be attached on the ceiling.

Sometimes the style and size of the chandelier will also affect the height of the lighting. If the chandelier is large and complex in design, it makes sense to raise it 5 cm above. But at first take it to that height to test how well she looks.

Size of a chandelier for the dining room

Chandelier is the focal point in the dining room. It is therefore important to choose a chandelier that she looked good with the overall interior of the room was the right size.

There are no strict rules regarding the size of the lamps, but there are some recommendations following which you can pick up the size correctly.

First, the ratio of the diameter of the chandelier and the dining table below it should be 1 : 2 or 1 : 3. This means that the chandelier should be two or three times smaller than the diameter of the table. If the table is not round, it takes into account its width. One of the reasons for such conditions lies in the fact that people did not touch the heads for the chandelier, getting up from the table.

If a chandelier this size is impossible to find, better to take a lamp of a larger size. Such coverage is always possible to hang a little higher to avoid problems.

Another condition is the correct location of the chandeliers against the walls of the dining room. Not all areas are able to adhere to this rule. But if it is met, it is more secure. Distance from chandeliers to wall should not be less than 120 cm In the ideal distance from chandelier to any piece of furniture should be at least one.
Before you go for a chandelier in a store, measure the size of the table and the walls of the dining room.

Usually chandeliers are quite heavy. Especially overweight the lamps with the hanging crystals, although they give more light. Burning lamp causes the crystals to sparkle beautifully. If the weight of the chandelier is more than 6 kg, then the ceiling should first secure a special electrical box.

Advice 4: What is the difference between the cars in the train

In Russia there are several types of passenger cars, which differ from one another in the amount stipulated in the seats and comfort level. There is also a significant difference in the cost of travel in any car, even a train.
What is the difference between the cars in the train

Sedentary wagon

Sedentary car is equipped only places for sitting passengers. Places can be both hard and soft, reminiscent of seats on the plane. Unlike the cars in the train, it's a coach there are two toilets located next to the vestibules. It also has compartments designed for the conductors. Cars of this type by the level of comfort and number of seats are divided into three classes: economy class (from 63 to 68 seats), business class (43 seats) and the cars of the first class (10 seats).

Second-class carriage

Second-class carriage consists of 9 compartments compartment type is not fenced off from the common corridor. Compartments are equipped with folding tables and 6 shelves, three on each side. Four shelves (bottom and middle) are designed for passengers, but the top two are used for baggage. In addition, the extra space for bags under the bottom bunks. In front of each compartment are side seats. Just a second-class carriage 54 beds, 36 of which are in the compartments 18 on the side during the route of the train.

Common carriage

In appearance, the General car is no different from second-class, but there was no sleeping space, top shelf only used for storage on the bottom placed passengers, three men on each shelf.

Compartment car

Every compartment in the carriage separated from the corridor by a door and is designed for four passengers. It is equipped with four shelves for sleeping, table, ceiling lamp, night lamp for reading, which is mounted in the wall next to each shelf. For storage there is space under the lower shelves and the niche above the door. The inner side of the door of the compartment is a mirror.

Like most cars designed for driving passengers from one city to another, in a compartment there are two toilets with washbasins and water heaters. At the beginning of the wagon has a double compartment for the attendants.

Sleeping car SV

This type of car has high comfort. He also has nine separate compartments, but each compartment only has two beds. All the shelves in the compartment is soft and has a soft backrest. In addition to reading lights, the light on the ceiling and the table in the compartment often have a TV or other equipment. The toilets in these carriages meet all modern requirements: the mixer is sinks, and the toilet seats are hygienic film.

Car Luxury

In the car of this class, only four compartment, each of which is designed for one or two passengers. The coupe may be different furnishings and layout. Most of them has a double bed, wardrobe, TV and a shower room.
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