In the second-class railroad car is equipped with 54 beds, are grouped by 4 in each compartment. Of them 18 seats and side shelves, located in the aisle of the train. All the shelves are divided into upper and lower. Each compartment has a pull-out table, hooks for clothes, sometimes for things that are located below the lower and above the second shelf.

The passage extends between the lateral and transverse shelves from one end to another. Two sides of the carriage are toilets with wash basins. Branded trains began to make two toilet with only one hand. Compartment of the conductor is on the input side. Next to the handler is a pot of hot drinking water. The guide can be purchased tea, sweets, have a glass of tea or coffee.

Each compartment held radio and almost always ventilation. The volume of the radio can be changed if the neighbors won't mind. The compartment open, not closed. Branded trains are sometimes equipped with additional storage space in the form of shelves and even have lighting for every space. But most often, these additional features - the prerogative of cars type coupe.

Each top shelf is equipped with the necessary equipment to protect from falls from above. Most often this is the pen that can be omitted as unnecessary. For each shelf in the presence of a mattress, a pillow and a woolen plaid blanket. All this can be used if you have purchased a set of bed linen.

The top shelf is the most convenient choice for those who prefer to sleep a lot in the train and doesn't like to be disturbed. Special ladder for lifting on the top shelf is not provided. On each side of the shelves there's one more step, standing on which and myself, need to reach the top shelf. So, if you doubt your physical abilities, you buy the ticket on the bottom shelf.

You should carefully choose the place in the car. The floor shelf can be recognized by the number: bottom shelf - all the odd numbers, the top shelf is even. You can use the layout of the seats in the car when you buy a ticket through the website. The numbering begins from the entrance vestibule on the left compartment and then back on the side shelves. Thus, with the numbers 37 start side shelves. Rooms 34-38, 1-4, 53, 54 are close to the area of the toilet and outputs, so the least convenient because of the smell and noise of the doors in the passage.