Despite the fact that the Internet and computer technology closely integrated in our daily life, there are people who continue to be perplexed how to handle programs.

About The "Mozile"

This is one of the most popular Internet browsers. Often it is chosen by numerous supplements that you can put on it for free. This program better to put on powerful computers, because when working she takes on a lot of resources and memory.

Using "Mozily, you can perform the primary function: to open websites, play music, download or watch this movie. But there are things that at first glance seem simple, but when you have to use the program fully, there are difficulties.

"Mozilla" is different from other browsers because it has no visual window zoom. And when reading the text it may be an unpleasant feature.

To change the browser because this is not worth it, you just need to understand the nuances. To change the scale, that is, by default, always, 100%, open from the menu bar, the "View" tab and perform a simple scheme:

— In the drop down menu you will see the Scale tab, hover over it;
— you'll have a tab with the keyboard shortcuts for zooming;
— "CTRL+" to zoom in, "CTRL-" to decrease;
press CTRL+0 is used to return original size.

These shortcut keys you will be able to achieve the desired scaling of the web pages that you view and do stay on the Internet "painless."


It happens that the browser does not start. Have to wait some time until the open window. Often this is due to the many extensions.

To the program in the future to function properly, we need to open the tab "Tools", then "add-Ons" and delete or disable all unnecessary extensions.

Run "Mozilla" may not only on computers but also on phones and tablets. Supports almost all operating systems from Acer to Wellcom, except for the IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Bada, Symbian, Blackberry OS, web OS, Android-x86.

"Mozilla" also does not work with Android 2.2 and the following parameters: the screen resolution is 320x240 pixels and the RAM — 384 MB.

C 2012 on computers "Mozila" only works on Windows XP SP3. In previous versions, the browser is no longer being updated.