Advice 1: How to get a girl back if she doesn't want to communicate

You made a mistake and pushed this a soul mate. You can't imagine my life without this girl, but she won't even talk to you. It seems that there was nothing to return. In fact, everything depends on you now. If you believe that you are worthy of a second chance, you need to act.
How to get a girl back if she doesn't want to communicate
Sweetheart doesn't want to communicate with you. You must have done. Most importantly – gather and not be nervous. Perhaps your first impulse will be to rush to her with pleas for a second chance. It is not necessary to grovel and show her your weak side. Perform only deliberate actions, otherwise he will lose her forever.
Give her some time so that it is not so much to be angry. It can be 2-3 days, but not more, otherwise the girl will think that you don't need. In these few days she'll think about it, have time to miss you and start to get nervous about the fact that you weren't her call.
During this time, make a plan of how you will restore your relationship. You can invite her to a restaurant. Ask her to come, tell me what will not take a lot of time. If she agrees, put on your best suit and buy her the most beautiful flowers. Make it a compliment. Be polite and elegant.
Over dinner ask her forgiveness. Tell me, realized all my mistakes. Promise me you will do just right. Confess love to her, tell her you missed her a lot and could not find a place without it. Be sincere, and she can't not forgive you.
If the girl refuses to go on contact and does not agree to meet with you, you have to make beautiful thing. A great idea is every day to send her flowers with a love letter or poems. Write about your feelings, about how you regret what you did and, sooner or later, she will melt.
If your girl is too unapproachable, you can go even further. Ask a friend who knows how to play any musical instrument, to play under the balcony of his beloved Serenade. If you know how to play, do it yourself. You can even sing. When she look out the window, you have to stand on his knees with flowers and screaming that you love her more than life itself. It is unlikely that the girl will not want to return to you after this romance.
If all your attempts were not successful, and you don't really imagine my life without his beloved, make her an offer of marriage. Just make sure you are ready. The decision should be conscious. Buy a gold ring, go to her, kneel and tell me what you want to spend the rest of my life. If your love is mutual, your partner will come back to you and you will be happy again!
Useful advice
Most importantly – don't lie to the beloved, saying only sincere, otherwise it will feel a catch in your words and never want to be with you.

Advice 2: How to return a loved one, if he doesn't want to communicate

The return of a loved one, if he doesn't want to communicate, can be difficult. Parting greatly dulls the senses, and it is necessary to make some effort to desire to be with each other again was mutual.
Find out how to return a loved one, if he doesn't want to communicate
The return of a loved one, if he doesn't want to communicate, in several ways. Let's take the example of the girl wanting to get back together with a guy. First try to make him interested in you and wished first to make contact. To do this you can change your looks in a better way: update your closet make-up bag and start to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Any important changes to note in the social networks in the form of photos and text entries.
If you are sure that the guy is watching your page, wait for a while, that it awakened interest. In this case, most likely, he will write or call and ask about your progress. Use this opportunity to explain to him that all these changes were done for him and chance to be together again.
You can try to bring back a loved one, if he doesn't want to communicate by calling it jealousy. To do this, sometimes it is enough just to spend more time with your friends and spread the network sharing photos. Perhaps the young man wants to be with a prominent girl who is always the center of attention. Some girls also give birth to a new novel by "to", showing how they spend time with his alleged new love. This method is especially effective if you need to call in ex-boyfriend especially a burning sense of jealousy.
Alternatively, you can just wait for some time that both you and the young man calmed down after a breakup. Then try to choose the right moment and "accidentally" bump into a guy in some of the places where it happens often. In such a situation it is difficult to disperse, not saying a word, therefore, most likely, you have to start up a conversation, during which you will be able to explain what I feel.
Try to bring a loved one with the help of your common friends. Ask them to talk to him on your behalf and explain the situation. If several people will turn to the young man and will tell how hard this is for you, it can feel these words. Sometimes this happens immediately, but after some time, so you just have to hope and wait for a return call or message.

Advice 3: How to get the girl's trust

After a quarrel or serious misconduct can be difficult to regain the trust of a loved one and communicate with him as before. But do not despair, start to work on yourself and change for the better to your significant other showed leniency.
How to get the girl's trust
Analyze your steps for the last time and try to understand why you lost the trust: probably the reason is in error, incorrect behavior, etc. do Not need to ignore their misdeeds, especially when the girl is offended so much.
Please wait a while for the offense to girls is not diminished. Ask her forgiveness for what he did. Be sincere and try to convince her that such mistakes will never happen again. Remember that the request for forgiveness should be expressed in beautiful form, for example, in the form of poems or some other pleasant surprise. And don't forget to talk about how much you love your girl and want to be with her.
Try to keep positive despite the odds. Even if the girl is in no hurry to forgive you, behave like in real life: smile, laugh, cheer your favorite unusual and romantic things. Gradually, it is easy to forget his resentment.
Correct and not repeat past mistakes. Once you realize why the girl refused to trust you, try not to attack again on the same rake. Constantly saying that you have corrected and demonstrate this by your actions: girls are judged more by the actions of men, than according to them.
Talk to the girl. Try to convince her that you will always be with her only sincere, it can completely depend on you. Justify it by the fact that much in love with her and don't want to lose. Please remember that, most likely, the girl also doesn't want to lose you, even on offense, so we just need to be patient and wait for the moment when she will trust you again.
Don't forget to trust your girl, even if she is not reciprocate. Become her role model. Gradually her love for you will prevail over negative emotions, and you will be able to rebuild their personal lives.

Advice 4: How to get back the girl you love

Almost all loving people there is a period when the only way for the development of a relationship is separation. What to do if you really love this man and can't live without him?
How to get back the girl you love
Agree, the separation is a bad thing? Many people know how girls behave in such situations: the first lasts for a long period of sobbing into my pillow, thoughts of suicide, drinking alcohol, etc. But not everyone knows how guys behave in such cases. Girl believe that guys in these situations are not particularly worried, begin to have a relationship with other girls and quickly forget about his former lover. But it is not so! In fact, more than half of the guys hard to survive the moment of parting, often wondering "How to win a girl back you love?"

What to do?

If you are seriously decided to return to his beloved, to begin to define a plan of action. In any case it is not necessary to call up an ex-girlfriend every 5 minutes, begging to come back, threaten, blackmail, suicide, etc. All these actions will cause the opposite, a completely unnecessary reaction. Reduce contacts to a minimum – you can chat on the General Affairs, Hobbies. Don't remind her about your relationship (ideally you don't want to talk to her about this subject). Also, do not use the ex-tender cases – for example, "sun", "baby" etc. it is best to behave as though you are just friends – this behavior is a little calm the girl, to help her psychologically to relax, because in her heart still feelings, thoughts related to the separation, which do not allow her to calm down. Only after some time, you can begin to give her signs of attention, but! Don't be too pushy!

Please note!

You ask the girl to tell the reason why you broke up, remember yourself what you were charged with and what shortcomings you pointed out. Based on this information, give an objective assessment of their behavior and identify their mistakes. If you want to Woo the beloved, then you will have to correct disadvantages and behavior that irritated her.

Came to the witch: "come you to me!"

Some boys and men, after the girl, turning to various sorcerers, fortune-tellers and psychics with a request to return the favorite. Honestly, it's not a good way to return of the girls. Besides the fact that you will lose money (none of the "wizards" will never work for free), you can also miss the chance and the time at which you can still change something.


One of the worst and senseless ways to get a girl back. Some men are taking revenge on their former girlfriends, setting the stage for a short affair with other girls, trying in this way, allegedly, to calm the pain of parting in the shower. And here, replacing is already a dozen of girls, the guy realizes that the pain and bitterness of parting passed. Moreover, in the soul there is a new feeling - a feeling of emptiness and self-loathing. It is the result that comes men who have chosen this option.

To summarize

In conclusion, we should say that there is always a chance. If you really will believe that you loved again are together, it will be so. The main thing is not to question and slowly but steadily, and to achieve my goal.
In opposition to this conclusion we can also say that the statement of Heraclitus "you Cannot step twice into the same river" is often confirmed. A very common phenomenon when people, who have come together for the second time, break up again, because I see no point in repeating the same relationship as they were before. That is why just need to work on themselves at a time when you just are preparing to return to his beloved girl.
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