Sweetheart doesn't want to communicate with you. You must have done. Most importantly – gather and not be nervous. Perhaps your first impulse will be to rush to her with pleas for a second chance. It is not necessary to grovel and show her your weak side. Perform only deliberate actions, otherwise he will lose her forever.
Give her some time so that it is not so much to be angry. It can be 2-3 days, but not more, otherwise the girl will think that you don't need. In these few days she'll think about it, have time to miss you and start to get nervous about the fact that you weren't her call.
During this time, make a plan of how you will restore your relationship. You can invite her to a restaurant. Ask her to come, tell me what will not take a lot of time. If she agrees, put on your best suit and buy her the most beautiful flowers. Make it a compliment. Be polite and elegant.
Over dinner ask her forgiveness. Tell me, realized all my mistakes. Promise me you will do just right. Confess love to her, tell her you missed her a lot and could not find a place without it. Be sincere, and she can't not forgive you.
If the girl refuses to go on contact and does not agree to meet with you, you have to make beautiful thing. A great idea is every day to send her flowers with a love letter or poems. Write about your feelings, about how you regret what you did and, sooner or later, she will melt.
If your girl is too unapproachable, you can go even further. Ask a friend who knows how to play any musical instrument, to play under the balcony of his beloved Serenade. If you know how to play, do it yourself. You can even sing. When she look out the window, you have to stand on his knees with flowers and screaming that you love her more than life itself. It is unlikely that the girl will not want to return to you after this romance.
If all your attempts were not successful, and you don't really imagine my life without his beloved, make her an offer of marriage. Just make sure you are ready. The decision should be conscious. Buy a gold ring, go to her, kneel and tell me what you want to spend the rest of my life. If your love is mutual, your partner will come back to you and you will be happy again!