The appearance of nits

Lice are dangerous not only unpleasant itching and the fact that the hair is constantly live, feed and breed the insects, as the diseases that lice are transferred. Is typhus and relapsing fever, Volyn fever. Therefore, treatment for lice needs to begin as soon as possible.

Lice eggs firmly attached at the base of the hair and, unlike dandruff, not strahovatsya as stick with a special adhesive. The first sign of head lice is itching on scalp, mostly on temples and nape. This comes from the fact that the adults bite through skin and drink blood, their saliva causes the breakdown of hemoglobin, hence the itching and spots.

Hair lice look dull, lifeless and difficult to comb, long hair often get off in clumps. Dandruff usually washed off with water and appears again after one or two hours after washing, and lice eggs does not harm the water completely and wash them with hair impossible.

How to differentiate between lice eggs dandruff and get rid of them

An inexperienced person easy to confuse the signs of the onset of head lice allergic to shampoo and dandruff as the infection is by one or two individuals, who are cleverly hiding in the hair at inspection, and lay eggs for 40 days of life up to 400 pieces. The first difference is that dandruff is on the surface and is easily shaken off, and the tight NIT sticks to the hair and remove it very difficult.

NIT is a very dense capsule at the base of the hair. Remove it from the hair is almost impossible, you need to do to reach the NIT for the length of the hair. Dandruff when pressing on it does not burst, unlike nits, which can be crushed between fingernails. The egg will emit a fairly loud click.

Nits impossible to derive any safe for human means - they either removed manually or stesyvajut special very small ridges.

Head lice cannot fly or jump, strange NIT to the hair to adhere too is unlikely. Infection usually occurs through contact of one person with another head to head, or for the use of other things. Lice crawl very quickly and deftly, moving from one head to another in seconds. Pediculosis is considered a sign of uncleanliness, lack of hygiene, but this is completely untrue. More readily the lice will settle it on clean hair where the sebaceous layer does not stop to lay eggs and is easier to bite clear skin.

Frequent shampooing with conventional detergents does not help to get rid of head lice - parasites will be only too happy to live in purity. Lice can't live under water, but they have the ability to close all openings on his body and stick in the procedures of washing hair.