A month compulsory for a true Muslim fasting called Ramadan, or Ramazan. Day abstaining from food and doing good deeds prescribed by the Qur'an, which contains the fundamentals of Islam. Five inviolable pillars of Islam, binding on every believer in God, was erected by the revelations of the Vice Mohamedou. Here they are:
Al - shahadat - testimony that Allah is the only God and Mohammed is his prophet;
- As-Salat – five times daily prayer - the Prayer;
- AZ-zakat – alms;
Al - sawm – great post;
- Al-Hajj – the pilgrimage.

The beginning of lent

In a sacred hadith is recorded, how an ordinary person can learn about the beginning of the great Muslim fasting. It begins with the appearance in the sky of a new month on the night of the new moon) and ends when the month will appear again. Its duration is 30 days (one lunar month).

In the Scriptures it is said that it was enough for one person (unless it is a woman) to see new moon and tell the others. Preferably the ruler or his Deputy in the area. Since the beginning of Ramadan is declared by a competent particular in its sole discretion, based either on observation of the phases of the moon, either calculated astronomically, if the moon is in the sky not visible in some circumstances. To confirm the end of the post had the testimony of two men. Thanks to the adopted reference system, the beginning of Ramadan can differ in different countries.

During lent each has attained the prescribed age needs daily to pray, fast, refraining from food, to refuse from intimacy, abuse intoxicants, and other unworthy behaviour from sunrise to sundown, give alms. During this period, ordered to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.


Fasting during the month of Ramadan is intended to pacify the desires of the flesh and indulging the desires of the soul. It is now considered most favorable for spiritual attainment and religious insight. Because locked the gates of hell and opened heaven. During this period, there is one special night that gives so many blessings, how much not to and for 1000 months.

Based on the instructions of the sacred texts, this night should be sought in the last 10 days of Ramadan among the odd nights. More precise specification is omitted, so that seeking Allah's grace would not lose vigilance. The Holy night of bara'ah is the culmination of the spiritual feats of man, the result of the observance of all prescribed rules of conduct during lent and throughout the year. The imams constantly urge Muslims not for a moment forget about Allah so as not to resemble the Christians, remember God only during the holidays.