Schedule of divine services in the Orthodox churches subordinate to the Typicon – the Church Constitution. It began to take shape in the ninth century, and fully established over a hundred years.

The daily round of worship

The daily cycle of services consists of 9 services: Matins, first hour, third, sixth and ninth, Vespers, Compline, midnight office, and divine Liturgy.

Once all of these worship services took place separately, but subsequently for the parishioners, they were combined into three services: evening, morning and afternoon. The first in this list is an evening service after Church time account is different from the world, is considered the beginning of the day not morning and evening. This corresponds to the Hebrew tradition of the account of time inherited by the Christian Church.

Ninth hour, Vespers and Compline are combined in the Vespers, midnight office, Matins and the first hour in the morning and the third hour, the sixth and the divine Liturgy in the day.

Each worship service is dedicated to not only certain events described in the Bible, but also characterizes the different aspects of man's relationship with God.

The time of worship

The starting point of the daily circle of divine services the ninth hour, which corresponds to 15.00 Moscow time. This service is dedicated to thanksgiving for the day and the remembrance of the sufferings of Jesus Christ. This is followed by Vespers, dedicated to repentance and forgiveness, and Compline. The midnight office, the prayer of Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane, was done at midnight.

The earliest service, if you come out of worldly time accounts, can be considered the first hour, sanctifying the next day 7 am. The third hour corresponds to 9.00 a.m., sixth – 12.00 PM, and divine Liturgy is the main worship, which is the Holy sacrament of the Eucharist – have made day.

This was the order of the divine liturgies in the Orthodox churches in the Middle ages.

Currently such a busy schedule preserved only in the monasteries, because the monks are completely dedicated his life to serving God. For the laity the order of Church life impossible, so in most parish churches there are two services: evening – 17.00 in the morning at 9.00.

Sometimes the time of worship in separate temples changed at the discretion of the abbots, who are trying to take care of the interests of the parishioners.