The young man in the organization of engagement need to think about the budget, on which you can count on when you purchase the ring. If abroad, where the wedding is played at an older age, it is customary to spend 2-3 monthly wages on an engagement ring, in Russia, this tradition has not yet caught on. Depending on the available funds to purchase or the exclusive ring and a ring with a large and expensive diamond or other precious stone, or to save money by choosing a ring with a large, but not the quality of the diamond or with small stones, but with high characteristics. In some families the teacherwearss vintage heirlooms - the original heirloom, inherited.
When choosing a ring one of the most important criteria is its material. Although historically there was a tradition that the engagement ring should be of gold, this is not the only option and even then there are nuances. Pink hue of gold jewelry is obtained after adding the alloy of copper, white Nickel or palladium, if the palladium is considered hypoallergenic material, the Nickel may cause irritation on the skin. Those who do not carry at all or just doesn't like gold jewelry, we can offer silver or platinum rings. Jewelry made of platinum are valued more than gold, but have a dirty grey shade. The youth now prefers unusual materials, such as titanium. On special themed engagement party, perhaps the giving of rings of plastic or wire.
Another important criterion when choosing a ring is the account of taste and style of the bride. In advance it is necessary to specify what kind of decoration is usually the second half: what color is gold and gold is what the stones, their size and shape are present in her jewelry, the exclusivity of her clothes and accessories. To please his girlfriend more important than shock all the familiar size and purity of diamond.
If a young person chooses traditional engagement ring with a diamond, it is important to evaluate all the characteristics of the precious stones in the decoration. The external beauty and glitter of diamonds so valued by girls, depend mainly on the quality of cut. The better the cut, the better refracted and reflected light through its facets, making it sparkling. Also important is the color of the diamond, which is determined by the inclusion of atoms of different elements. The most expensive is considered a fully transparent stone. Another criterion when choosing diamonds is the purity of the stone, which depends on the presence or absence of small cracks or inclusions. Naked eyes can not see them, besides their availability is determined by the natural origin of the diamond, but still they should not be too much that affected the strength of the stone. When choosing a ring is also important and the weight of the stone in carats, which, like other characteristics, affects its value.
Usually the engagement and suggestion for girls is a surprise, and therefore on a joint campaign in jewellery stores should be forgotten. But the size of the finger of the bride need to know. You can ask about it privately, her cousin or girlfriend, and you can see for yourself. If a girl wears a ring on the ring finger, you can take it while you visit a jewelry store. If she wears it constantly, you can just circle it on the inner side on the sheet of paper with him to go to the salon. You can also try it on your finger and see to what level it is free will fit, and the store to determine the size of the ring.
To acquire the ring is better in a specialty store that provides all necessary certificates and offers a large selection of quality jewelry. At the same time, popular jewelry network does not guarantee uniqueness or exclusivity of the proposed decorations. To order a ring of your own design right at the factory or via an intermediary firm, but it is worth considering that the production will take some time from 2 weeks to a month.