Fit hips

With the green fence can not only protect tenure on the perimeter, but also to identify different areas within the infield. Briar unpretentious, beautiful blooms, it produces a fragrant fast growing hedge. The thorns make it a formidable barrier. There are many types of this shrub, but the most common in Russian gardens can be found majalis. It reaches 2-3 meters in height, grows quickly, blooms fragrant pale pink flowers, gives orange fruits are round or oval in shape, rich in vitamin C.

The plant is propagated by seeds and cuttings, but to get results faster, landing, take 2-3-year-old seedlings with a developed root system. The shrub grows well in Sunny high places. The best soil for him to loam and slightly acidic soil. When planting shoots and roots should be shortened to 15-20 cm and dip the roots in clay mash with IAA (100 mg per 10 liters), it promotes good rooting and growth of roots.

The secrets of rapid growth of hedge

Planted a wild rose in a trench of a depth of 50 cm at a distance of 1 meter. If you want to make the fence in several rows, stagger the plants in a checkerboard pattern. Successful regrowth can occur when the plant is getting enough power. In the planting hole make organic fertilizer 10 kg, granular superphosphate and 250 g potassium 25-50 g, abundantly watered, the roots covered with earth. Shrub of the year provided nutrients.

For rapid growth, starting from the second year, the plants fed with nitrogen fertilizer 15-20 g per shrub, 2-3 times over the summer. Further care is loosening, watering, mulching, removing root seedlings outside the fence. Briar responsive to feeding and watering, and with proper care is good in growth, but still it is better tolerate drought, excess moisture can inhibit the root system. Contributes to the rapid closing of the green fence mowing of plants, the sooner you begin to cut the rose hips, the thicker the hedge will grow from the bottom.

To impenetrable hedge in a short time is possible by growing the rose on a trellis (horizontal bars). Planting a shrub often, every 20-30 cm in one row, the next year the seedlings are cut at a height of 10 cm from the ground. New shoots during the summer are cut, leaving 2-3 strong branches. Those shoots that intersect, are cleaned from bark, bind and fasten on the lower level of the trellis, later the branches will grow together and create a solid line.