Advice 1: What trees to plant in the country

On a country site the trees are planted not only to produce a crop of fruit, but also for the creation of landscape compositions. The trees grow for a long time, so you can't go wrong with the choice of location and selection of soil. First, plan the planting design on paper and then start landscaping.
What trees to plant in the country

Trees for landscaping Light green coniferous larch is the best suited for landscaping a garden site. They grow rather fast, but very light and have an extensive root system. So you need to plant them no closer than 8 m to the buildings. Of larch trees usually create avenues, the shelter belts or planted their single. These trees are not picky about soil, but do not like waterlogging groundwater. If the area is pond, for its decoration will suit IVA Russian. This is usually bowed tree with weeping branches and silvery-green leaves. In the first years of willow grows very fast but is not high. Beautiful ornamental tree is the Norway maple. It is shade tolerant and resistant to winter cold. The sapling quickly grows and becomes stronger. Rarely affected by pests. Low prickly hawthorn adorn a suburban area caps white flowers and then bright fruit: red, yellowish-brown, or black. From hawthorn create impenetrable hedges. Fruit trees Apple trees are planted mostly in the fall. For the autumn-winter period the roots have time to grow after planting and in the spring to supply the young seedling with nutrients. A place to land you need to prepare in advance. For a two-foot tree pit should be at least 70 cm deep and about the same diameter. Fill it with a mixture of top soil, humus and compost. Add two handfuls of fertilizer. Stir with a shovel and seal. The pit should be filled with top to two to three years, when the soil settles, the tree was in the hole. Then it will be less hardy and will decrease its yield. When the pit is prepared, make in it a hole the size of the root system of a tree and plant it. Pour the water, then seal the ground. Kopite three peg and attach to him a young Apple tree. Among gardeners, the most widely varieties of plum, plum and Chinese plum. The bulk of the root system of these trees is on the surface and located under the crown. For normal care enough to regularly loosen the earth and to trim the crown. Plum likes moisture but does not tolerate water stagnation. The fruits on tree appear in 3-4 years after planting. And then nearly a decade, the tree will delight you with large yields. For planting pears need to choose a well-lit place. She doesn't like drought, but trees have strong roots that can penetrate deeply into the soil. Therefore, to water the bulb need only in very dry periods. The tree needs proper pruning of branches. It is necessary that each branch receives sufficient amount of sunlight, otherwise it will not bloom and bear fruit.

Advice 2: Which tree grows faster than all

In the world of plants, as in the human world, is the fastest and the biggest. Among the trees, which live much longer than man, growth sometimes record on the planet.
Which tree grows faster than all


If you compare deciduous and coniferous, that grow faster, the representatives of the deciduous species. Champions among all the trees for speed of growth can be called the poplar, which, depending on species, can reach up to 2 metres of growth per year. Such speeds can still boast only willow, eucalyptus and acacia.

The fastest growing can be called artificially bred in Ukraine poplar Tropovich, which is able to provide has grown up to 4 meters annually. Besides he quietly overcomes a height of 40 meters and is the highest of fast-growing trees. This is an absolute record among all trees. This species is distributed only in several districts of Kherson region.


Despite the fact that the deciduous trees grow faster than conifers, it is worth noting this kind of as seeking to keep pace with its competitors, among the hardwoods. The fastest growing pine tree, larch are recognized, which can give an increase of 1 meter per year. If you consider that active growth is observed only in late spring and early summer, each day the tree increases in height by 2.3 cm When it reaches a height of up to meters, but in the most favorable conditions can grow up to 50 meters.

Trying to keep up with larch and ordinary pine. In the period of active growth of the tree also can give an increase of about a meter per year. Pine begins to grow actively until they reach the age of 5 years. Height that pine can reach, equal to 35-40 meters. This is a good indicator of fast-growing trees.

These trees have a fairly wide distribution. So larch grows in Siberia and the Far East. There grow whole forests of these trees. Pine grows on the territory of the Scandinavian Peninsula and throughout the Central part of Eurasian continent.

Its prevalence these trees are not inferior to the poplars and beyond the acacia and eucalyptus trees. But all these "Champions" are considerably inferior to the one representative of the family of plants which, though not a tree, but very close to it approached.

The main record of the plant world

This record is considered a bamboo that can a day to grow up to 1.25 m. It can't be compared not one plant. A bamboo tree can attain sizes up to 38 meters.
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