To radish was often on the table all summer, it is sown at different times, at intervals of about 10-15 days. The appearance of the first true leaf from the growing plants of radish - signal to the next sowing. In the middle lane of the final sowing of radish carried out in mid-August.
It is necessary to create conditions favorable to plants for "life". Radish likes a light, fertile soil and regular watering. When grown in summer, it is definitely watered twice, in morning and evening time, if there is no rain. The appearance of the soil crust leads to a decrease in consumer qualities of root crops.
Seedlings and crops should be protected from cruciferous flea beetles. This "peanuts" instantly can destroy the seedlings and young plants. It is possible to apply traditional methods: dusting ash, tobacco dust, mustard, pushonkoj, use infusions of herbs. To use the "chemistry" is not desirable.
Radish is a plant of short day. During the short summer days, the crops of radishes it is desirable to cover dark material, giving light to the plants about 12 hours and creating plants artificially shorter day. Radish is not affected and will happily grow and "fatten" juicy roots.
Varieties preferable for crops with resistance to strelkovanie and kableliu. For sowing during the summer months, suitable varieties of radish:
-sort Danko, has subastral white and firm flesh, bright red roots grow up to 30g with the diameter up to 6cm, 25-27дней.
-class rebel, has roots red medium to large size, 18-20g, grows well in hot weather and will not tablet.
-sort the Litter, grows in 25 days, roots 25-28G, if you perestiani in the garden do not lose their taste.
-sort of Harriet F1, with a beautiful bright red color, fast-ripening, large, up to 25-30g, good taste, with a sheet outlet, not dryableyuschih late harvest.