Alexander does not like conflict, he will not shout or argue, he often leaves the problematic area and again may not come back. So he needs a calm woman who will never throw tantrums, not going to demand something in a raised voice. The woman is soft, gentle and very even-tempered, able to get along with this person, make a good pair.
Great work Alexander and Valentina. She's not violent, but persistent, knows how to find approach to any person. Her husband will listen in all situations, as she is able to convincingly prove his point of view. This girl knows how to farm, good cook, and it is important to Sasha. The house will prevail and comfort, to say all will be quiet and soft. In such families are born beautiful children, who grow up to be very talented.
Astrologers claim that Alexander is very good to live with Maria. But in this Alliance the leading role of men. He will regularly set their own rules, to enforce its requirements. The woman will keep silent and do my own. But the feelings this pair is always very deep, a love they can carry through the decades and into adulthood, as in adolescence will admire each other. This pair of temperamental, and not even perfect, but they find their balance, which is difficult to destroy.
Hope will also be a good wife. It is slow, picky, her heart is difficult to conquer, but if she loved, it was forever. She will be waiting for Sasha to work, cook dinner, raise children. She has no aspirations to be implemented at work, it is important to create a cosiness in the house, help kids and meet my husband. It will make your apartment or house the center of the universe, and the husband can swim in this space. Such a Union is very durable, as he will understand that another companion he will not find, but sometimes a pair will become bored and will need to look for new emotions.
Olga and Alexander is the most amazing combination. It seems that they are very different, which is not suited to each other, but their feelings can sweep away everything in their path. Usually fall in love and are completely immersed in relationship, but it is close so can't suffer from it all around. It is difficult to focus on anything except each other. Such unions are frequent, but quickly diverge. After two or three years, the passion disappears, and a joint life create a very difficult.