The name Irene is of Greek origin. Since childhood, she is strong and independent. Irina like male company than female company. The marriage will retain the loyalty and devotion than gaining the respect of her husband. However, to give my life fully home and the spouse Irina is not going to.
Irina is compatible with male names like Andrew, Alfred, Anton, Anatoly, Walter, Arkhip, Vincent, Boris, Vladislav, Vissarion, Waldemar, Vladimir, Gennady, V., Gherasim, Gabriel, Zachary, Herman, Ivan, Gordey, Joseph, Igor, Heraclius, Hilarion, May, Leo, Martin, Leonard, Myron, Matthew, modest, Mieczyslaw, Amos, Nahum, Oscar, Nicanor, Ruslan, Plato, Samuel, Rodion, Stepan, Svyatoslav, Tikhon, Sergei, Yaroslav, Philip, Marat, Tikhon.
Irina is absolutely incompatible with Valery, Arkady, David, Boleslaw, Dmitry, Daniel, Valeriana, Denis Makarov, Konstantin, mark, Kuzma, Rudolph, Robert, Simeon, Reuben, Thaddeus, Timur, Fedot, trophîme.
Paired Irina and Andrei, there is an interchange. At first glance it may seem that they are quite incompatible. Andrew used to control everyone and everything, but she does not tolerate rudeness. How such people can come together? However, in this Union, Andrew manages the situation and makes decisions, and Irina, were relieved of such responsibilities, creates a favorable environment in the family. This allows you to be confident in the future. Just because Artem and Irene give each other what they lack, in their family there is harmony.
Union Irina - Boris it gives her peace of mind, which is very important for any woman. But Irina did not remain indifferent, it gives Boris his care, affection and tenderness. This process is somewhat similar to the exchange of energy. Irina and Boris are delineating responsibility among themselves, and this suits both of them.
Irina and Vladislav is "happiness". However, each of them is their own. The interests of Vladislav and Irina shared. She takes the idea and implements it Vladislav. It helps them to overcome everyday conflicts. Love, Irina and Vladislav take unselfishness and tenderness, and friendship, common values and principles. Relationships are strong and harmonious.
In a pair of Irina – Jaroslav dominated by passion and thrills. Love is quite appropriate, but family life is important other qualities. And Irina and Yaroslav don't like to lose and concede. Each of them is important to be a leader in the relationship. They are domestic conflicts, but in intimate terms they have everything in order. However, Irina and Yaroslav no stranger to compromise.