The name Anastasia is a feminine, pretty, gentle and graceful. Childhood Anastasia is everyone's favorite, the charming child. Little Anastasia trusting and open, good and obedient. Anastasia from childhood should be accustomed to order and neatness, as with age it becomes careful, cold and categorical, discovering to strangers and takes advice only very close people.
At the same time, Anastasia is friendly enough and always willing to help people. Holders of this name become great teachers, doctors, and educators. So often Anastasia choose a creative profession, actress or singer, as the character is very emotional and eccentric.
Married Nastia usually go early. Men love gentle, sensitive owners name Anastasia. To touch and win the heart of a young Nastia men is easy. From an early age, she's not deprived of male attention and easily falls in love. Men take advantage of her gullibility. And this trait often leads to negative consequences.
In men Anastasia tend to choose bold, confident men. In marriage she is humble and flexible, the epitome of femininity. Anastasia didn't show his feelings in public, it modest. She easily accepts the dominant behavior of the husband in the family and she is even more satisfied. Anastasia's husband does not fit a quiet, peaceful man.
For marriage, Anastasia more suited to men with a name: Alexander, Victor, Paul, Oleg, Konstantin, Vlad, Boris, Simon. The owners of these names have a strong willed character, very courageous, have a strong charisma. Probably will be unsuccessful marriage with Vadim, Nikolay, Stanislav, Vitaly, Peter.
After marriage, She becomes loyal, gentle and devoted wife and the perfect hostess and homemaker. Treachery and betrayal, Nastya will never forgive. Married to Anastasia's important is mutual love and respect. Divorce for Anastasia is a tragedy, she takes everything to heart, long time can not let go of negative emotions.
After the betrayal Anastasia is very difficult to meet again and converges with a new man. But if it happens, it becomes a good wife, forgetting about his gentle nature. It often happens that after divorce Anastasia dedicates herself to children and re-married do not go out.