Advice 1: What are the names of the men are suitable to the name Anastasia

Women's name Anastasia is derived from the male name Anastas. Anastasia is translated from Hebrew as: returns to life, resurrected and resurrecting.
What are the names of the men are suitable to the name Anastasia
The name Anastasia is a feminine, pretty, gentle and graceful. Childhood Anastasia is everyone's favorite, the charming child. Little Anastasia trusting and open, good and obedient. Anastasia from childhood should be accustomed to order and neatness, as with age it becomes careful, cold and categorical, discovering to strangers and takes advice only very close people.
At the same time, Anastasia is friendly enough and always willing to help people. Holders of this name become great teachers, doctors, and educators. So often Anastasia choose a creative profession, actress or singer, as the character is very emotional and eccentric.
Married Nastia usually go early. Men love gentle, sensitive owners name Anastasia. To touch and win the heart of a young Nastia men is easy. From an early age, she's not deprived of male attention and easily falls in love. Men take advantage of her gullibility. And this trait often leads to negative consequences.
In men Anastasia tend to choose bold, confident men. In marriage she is humble and flexible, the epitome of femininity. Anastasia didn't show his feelings in public, it modest. She easily accepts the dominant behavior of the husband in the family and she is even more satisfied. Anastasia's husband does not fit a quiet, peaceful man.
For marriage, Anastasia more suited to men with a name: Alexander, Victor, Paul, Oleg, Konstantin, Vlad, Boris, Simon. The owners of these names have a strong willed character, very courageous, have a strong charisma. Probably will be unsuccessful marriage with Vadim, Nikolay, Stanislav, Vitaly, Peter.
After marriage, She becomes loyal, gentle and devoted wife and the perfect hostess and homemaker. Treachery and betrayal, Nastya will never forgive. Married to Anastasia's important is mutual love and respect. Divorce for Anastasia is a tragedy, she takes everything to heart, long time can not let go of negative emotions.
After the betrayal Anastasia is very difficult to meet again and converges with a new man. But if it happens, it becomes a good wife, forgetting about his gentle nature. It often happens that after divorce Anastasia dedicates herself to children and re-married do not go out.
No need to use kindness and compassion Nastia, if she will understand it, you can terminate all relationships.
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The character of Anastasia is soft, but patient. It is able to withstand and survive any circumstances in life.

Advice 2 : What names fit Anastasia

Anastasia is a very interesting girl, but she often doubts herself. She needs a man who will instill in her the confidence, will repeat that it is the best in the world. To conquer a lady is not difficult, but to keep not everyone, only the elect can prove their sincerity and to live a next life.
What names fit Anastasia
Nastia will be a good wife, she is loyal and devoted, knows how to appreciate sincerity and loyalty. But to call it the best mistress hard, she sometimes is lazy to take care of the house or to cook something special. For girls it is much more important to be realized in society, find themselves in work, not idle life at the plate.

Andrey and Anastasia

This is a good pair, which is very emotional. They are always all starts like a fairy tale. They love, miss, care very much, and it is because of these emotions are getting married. Then the world changes slightly and they begin to clearly Express their dissatisfaction. You can hear how they shout at each other or silent all day. It's a way to live, they are bored, if this does not happen. It is important not to interfere in their relationship, and then they will live a very long time.

Andrey will wait for the wife's obedience and submission She would strive for independence. They will never be bored, their everyday lives will be filled with spores, the search for compromises and solutions. Even the children of this couple are born very resourceful, from the first days of learning to be independent and self-sufficient.

Anastasia and Alexei

Alex can carry his woman on his hands if it gives him faith, if it helps him to realize in the world. He also knows how to cheer up a lady to give her feel the best. That is what makes the Union strong because of the mutual support becomes very strong Foundation relations. Typically, such a marriage seems calm and stable, no spikes and bright feelings, people, little is manifested.

Of pairs occur only because of life. If everything in life goes well, if financial issues do not interfere, then to find a common language very simple and in 10 years. But any monetary crisis can cause disorders, anxiety about the amount that is in the wallet, can play a cruel joke. It is important to value love more than wealth, and believe in a bright future.

Evgeny and Anastasia

Eugene is looking for a girl who can inspire him. He needs a Muse, that will make his life meaningful and important. He wants many children, a big house and comfortable space. Anastasia next to him will have a lot of time to devote to family, raising kids. If she will be able to refuse to work or career for family, then all marriage would be great.

Eugene is very jealous, so you can't give him and provoke scandals, he will not tolerate flirting wife or even mention other men. Nastya is important to understand that Eugene himself will not change, but control him, and he thinks he can see himself hates any barriers and restrictions. To be together the pair is not difficult, but it is important not to allow other people to give advice and to influence the lives of the couple.
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