The name Roman comes to us from Latin and means "inhabitant of Rome." For a Novel ideal such female names as Helen, Anna, Claudia, Valentina, Maria, Love, Sophia, Maya. It is amorous and easily changes the women, if married, rather late.
Roman and Anna together enjoy life and accept it for what it is. They have no large-scale and distant goals, they seek only what is easy to achieve. The pair combined care and help to relatives. Personal relationships and family life at Roman and Anna in the first place. If in this pair there are differences, the preservation of sincere sympathy and peace still remains. The spiritual connection between the Novel and Anna remains even when they leave.
In the Union of Roman-Valentina remains a reality traditions, they are United by the dedication, hard work and energy. In a love relationship they all quite calmly, but with regard to business – here they are successful. They are able to prioritize, manage your time and organize the work of others. The perfect spheres of activity for them will be the areas of farming, construction and Finance.
Occult science, philosophy and magic are present in the Union of Roman-Love. A speedy solution for them – a difficult test. They used to go to their targets, sometimes even strange to other people. Romance and Love does not seek power, prosperity and glory. To any steam creatively. The Union of romance and love is indispensable in medicine because they are able to experience, to empathize with and relieve other people's suffering.
Roman and Maya together take care of loved ones, striving to help them. They do not aspire to big goals. For them, the important family life and their relationships with each other. This pair may quarrel, but to preserve peace and harmony. External factors exerting pressure on them, Roman and Maya handle it together. Spiritual connection in this pair is very high.
Roman and Maria adventurers. They strive for adventure and learning new things. Something attracts them to each other and combines that makes both feel hungry for change. They are not afraid of expanding or changing the scope of activities, moving to another city or country and start a new life, as they do all this together. Stability in the relationship, but there is no monotony. Concern about the future for Roman and Mary fades into the background. The importance of communication, useful contacts and ability to influence people gives a pair to achieve success in business.