If you are still wondering whether or not the first to confess love, consider what you are losing. This situation has only two choices - either the man will answer you in return, or he will say he does not feel to you to love. In the second case, you will not lose as know exactly whether you should spend your time on a man who is indifferent to you.
If you are going to admit love to the man, better not to think in advance how it will happen, not making long speeches, do not build the action plan. You'll see, the situation will still be different, and the right words will be forgotten excitement. The main thing - to tune in the confession and decide what feelings it should be done. After recognition can carry a lot of emotions and feelings: tenderness, sadness, happiness, excitement, passion, etc. That you want to convey to your man? That is something to think about before you open your heart.
Environment recognition plays an important role. It is better to avoid crowded places, if you are going to open up about his feelings. Nothing should distract you from communicating with each other. Print a man in a Frank conversation. Take moment and tell him about your love. A good place for the recognition of parks and squares, cozy cafes and restaurants. What matters is that moment of recognition you not hurt anybody.
If you can not dare to say words of love, as planned, there is another option - suddenly stun a man with its recognition. So to speak, to give vent to my feelings "in a forehead". However the reaction of men can be very unpredictable. There is also an important point of emotion your words. Do not demand reciprocity, confessing his love. Your goal is to talk about their feelings, that person you truly love, not to bind him to her by force.
If you are struggling with words to Express their feelings, we can try to Express them on paper in the form of a letter or poem. No man will not be indifferent to such recognition, written from the heart. If the choice and will not answer you in return, rest assured you will leave a mark in his heart forever.
Confess your loveif you really feel for man 's strong feelings. Who does not risk does not drink champagne. It is not excluded that remaining silent about his feelings, you will greatly regret it later. As is known, each man is the architect of his own happiness. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, love is not ashamed, to admit it even more. Only love empowers the individual, makes it better and cleaner, so don't hide your feelings and be happy!