Advice 1: What if you fell head

Office romance with her boss... Some take advantage of this situation to as soon as possible to move up the corporate ladder, but many do not accept such relations. Who is right and what to doif you fell in love with the boss? The unequivocal answer to this question is simply no, but to follow common sense still stands.
Harassment of the chief
Each woman laid by nature, desire to please, regardless of her age and marital status. A flirtation with a colleague, a neighbor or bystanders uplifting. The realization that anyone enjoys, attracts attention, gives confidence, uplifting, and the woman just glows from within. But often too much attention, especially in the workplace, particularly from supervisors, colleagues creates a lot of problems... Or Vice versa, opens up new horizons for development and improvement. Every situation is different and which way to go woman, it's up to her. And we will try to consider every scenario.

I'm a career woman

Young professionals who are not yet married, often the attention of head is very flattering, but only in the case when the mutual or girl strive at any cost to increase. Unfortunately, many take advantage of this situation and did not ashamed of this method of changing your financial status. Those who do not wish to follow that path, we can only recommend to try "peace talks" to end the courtship and to protect themselves from the discontent of other colleagues because this will usually cause envy. If the sympathy is mutual, the relationship is best not to put on public display and the first time to keep it a secret.

I don't need it!

In most cases, unfortunately, the attention of the boss becomes annoying and unpleasant, courtship quickly turns into a boorish harassment. This situation occurs in married women who just want to work, love my husband and appreciate a quiet family happiness. Peace negotiations often lead to nothing and follows the inevitable dismissal, often scandalous and unpleasant. Many women prefer to give up and leave "quietly", forgetting that the law is on their side and to put the presumptuous head in place can be the legal means, without resorting to clarify the relationship of the chief with her husband and humiliation.

But this could not happen

Those who come to a new team, it is important to behave discreetly and modestly. We all remember the proverb "Meet on clothes..." at least the first couple of months try not to attract undue attention, dress according to the dress code, perform their duties and no more. This behavior will give the opportunity to "look around" in the team you and your colleagues and boss in particular, to appreciation.

Advice 2: How and what to do if you fell in love

Love can overtake you in different periods of life and in the most unexpected moment. Having discovered this wonderful feeling, some people fall into confusion. Enjoy your love and try to build a relationship with the object of their dreams.
Love can bring lots of joy
Find out whether your mutual feelings. Need not admit a woman in love. Just look at the behavior of the girl to understand she feels towards you sympathy or not. A Frank conversation should be called only when different learn about your chances does not work.
Assess the situation. It is important to consider if the woman you fell in love. Take the time to break a couple of others, to destroy someone's marriage. First, check your feelings.
Start to bond with the girl, if you feel that you care about her, and if you think it is free. Invite her on a date, ask about her life, Hobbies.
Be attentive to the girl. Take care, take home, give her a bouquet of flowers. To stand out from the crowd of fans, come up with an interesting idea for your date.
Try to distract, ifyour feeling's not mutual. Now let you think a world without her would no longer be the same. Believe me, after some time everything will be the same as before.
Immerse yourself in studies, work, Hobbies. Bowl, meet friends, have fun. You don't have to sit at home and indulge in self-pity.
Believe that you are worthy of love and happiness in your personal life. Failure, unrequited love can understate your self-esteem and weaken self-belief. Do not give in to discouragement. Remember that events in your life turns out the way you need. You are still ahead.
Not in a hurry to knock out a wedge a wedge. Most likely, you do not get the right to build a serious relationship with another girl immediately after the unsuccessful beginning of the novel with the previous one.
Communicate with the fair sex. If you wisely decided to wait until your emotional pain will subside, and some time to refrain from a serious relationship, this does not mean that you can't flirt with girls. On the contrary, non-committal communication with women will help you to be in good shape and will support your self esteem. Just do not overdo it. Take care of the feelings of the girls, because they can start on something to count.
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