You may really lucky and your head is gone. But maybe you just haven't managed to find common language with him? After all, in relationships with superiors are interested in the first place. It you are in a dependent position and, if anything, will have to find a new job.

Try to answer a few questions:

- what are the requirements of the boss to the staff and what qualities are valued;
- if I meet these requirements, and if I have these qualities;
- if I made some actions that compromise me in the eyes of the boss;
- what can I do to fix impression of me.

Look at the boss and try to determine how it relates to the production process. If he prefers to control all stages of activities and corrosive delves into all the details, you may want to frequently refer to it an interim report and to consult on all issues. If the boss prefers self-starters, and requires only the final result, disturb only in case of emergency, so as not to cause irritation.

Any boss expects subordinates good work and discipline. If the boss several times caught you for the unfolding of solitaire during working hours, do not be surprised that his opinion of you has changed for the worse. Only demonstration of labor enthusiasm you can to correct the impression about yourself. For example, think of a few ideas to optimize the work process. Think the boss doesn't like, and prepare reasoned objections. If your ideas were not accepted, do not worry – at least, the chief appreciated your dedication to work.

Perhaps your boss is really incompetent, then he needs considerate assistance. If he is a decent person, you will be grateful for the assistance, even if awarded the results of your work. If gratitude is not forthcoming, consider how in the future to build a relationship with the boss – maybe next a good idea is better to apply directly to higher authorities.

Convinced monsters and sadists among the chiefs is the exception rather than the rule. If you think that the chief intentionally hurts the whole team, think that your boss is also under pressure. Perhaps there are some circumstances which you do not know, but chief of them is well-informed and therefore not free in their actions.