To make a paper dress can be made of cardboard, napkins, Wallpaper etc. On what the imagination will suffice. Very original look of the dress from ordinary Newspapers. Moreover, this material is always at hand.

Dress from Newspapers

For the manufacture of outfit you will need:

- stack of papers - 20-30 PCs.
- the range;
- sewing machine;
- PVA glue;
- the tape;
- 5-7 sticky.

Remove the measurements with the model. Start the process of creating products with a skirt. Expand the newspaper and fold them in two to skirt turned out dense. The size of all sheets of Newspapers have to match. Fold the paper like an accordion with pleats of 2 cm you will get ripple. How should smoothen any creases with a ruler. Connect all the leaves together with glue or sewing machine to make a long corrugated sheet. The edges attach with Velcro. The top of your skirt gather to the size of the waist plus 3-4 cm Attrocity on the machine, attaching 2-3 layers of newspaper taped to the top of the skirt. It is necessary that the waist was held firmly and the paper exploded.

Shape directly into the model the dress's bodice. For this stone the small pieces of paper (1/4 sheet) bust, back and waist, gluing the sheets together at the overlap. Then remove all the excess: cut beautifully armhole and neckline on the back make a straight vertical cut from the top to the bottom. Sew to the edges of the slit strips of three-layered strips of newspaper and attach to strap some Velcro. Connect the bodice to the skirt so that the rear slits-zipper-matched.

Then create the straps. To do this, measure the expected length. And make Newspapers ripple (as in the case of the skirt) length of straps plus 4 Priamerica see the edges of the straps with the sewing machine and sew the straps to the dress.

Make beautiful belt. For this exercise your imagination. You can use all the same Newspapers, and you can make a girdle of silk, satin or other bright fabrics.

Dress napkins

You will need:

- pattern dresses simple cut from a fashion magazine;
- thick paper type of paper or Wallpaper;
- 5-7 packs of wipes 100 pieces in one or two colors;
- sewing machine and thread;
- PVA glue;
- 7-8 Velcro.

Pick any fashion magazine a simple dress pattern with the least number of seams and Darts. Put it on a thick paper type, the paper with the seam. On the back or on the front placket program the incision and immediately add 2 cm on each side on the bar. On it then you will sew the Velcro to the dress is easily removed and dressed. Then sew a dress out of paper at the seams and attach sticky tape to the strap.

Take a napkin and tear their hands to pieces . Each slice lightly roll it into a ball. All the balls stick to the dress so tightly that you could not see base paper. If you took two colors of napkins can be laid out with their help a beautiful pattern.

Your dress is ready. Forward to a photo shoot or a fun party.