To create the paper dolls prepare cardboard, pencil, scissors, markers or colored pencils, colored and wrapping paper for applique, as well as numerous glossy magazines.
On a piece of cardboard with your child draw with a pencil the shape of the doll. Using tracing paper, you can also copy a figure from any book or coloring. Draw the doll's face and hair, make the contours of the body clear. Clothes do not need to paint the doll will be blank for future costumes.
The doll cut from cardboard with scissors. Now is the time to make clothes – underwear, you can draw directly on the doll and paint it, and to create outerwear, dresses and suits, the doll should be put on colored paper and cut around its contours.
Along the contours you will be able to finish for doll pants, skirts, dresses, coats, blouses, shirts, and hats, shoes and accessories – sunglasses, bag, household items, and much more. You can do as the doll-girl and doll-boy – let the child determine what should be clothes for each of them.
On each garment make a small paper fold that thing can be pinned on the doll. Then cut all the items and add to them the fine details and patterns.
If you want you can do for a doll stand so she can stand upright. For this cut from cardboard a semicircle and glue it to the bottom of the legs of the doll.