Breast milk fills the baby, the absence or lack of antibodies in the blood that helps the body to adapt to the environment. For example, immunoglobulin And begins to be produced in small quantities only by the fourth month of life. And it protects the mucous membranes of the digestive system from substances of allergens. Why breast milk is so necessary for all kids, but especially those who suffer from atopic dermatitis. Nursing mother of such a child must carefully monitor their diet. Its menu should not contain products with allergenic properties. Strict adherence to a diet will help to reduce Allergy symptoms in your baby.
A set of products in such a diet is as individual as the list of prohibited or subject to restriction products. In each case, for mom gets a special menu. Excludes products that cause allergies a particular child.
There is a list of products that are unacceptable in the menu of any mother breastfeeding a child with atopic dermatitis. Strictly prohibited foods with dyes and preservatives, meats, sausages, marinades, chocolate, cocoa and coffee. Banned confectionery, exotic fruits and citrus.
During exacerbation of skin reactions of the baby the mother needs to revise and streamline its food. She is advised to go on a diet, which should be only hypoallergenic products.
The main part of the menu of this diet should consist of hypoallergenic fruits and vegetables. These are considered the fruit with white or green color. From cereals in the diet include buckwheat and rice is the gluten-free cereals. They also include corn grits. White rice is better to replace brown, which contains less starch.
Included in the diet of any lean meat except chicken and beef. You can eat white fish. Red fish is excluded, as well as any seafood. Dairy products, included in the diet of nursing mother should not contain chemical food additives. Sweet safe marmalade, candy, cookies without baking or drying.
It is very important that this diet was introduced for a limited period of time, only to relieve acute. The rest of the time in the diet of moms need a minimal amount to introduce a variety of foods. So the child will get acquainted with the allergens through breast milk in future it will be easier to adapt to such products.
Of course, it is difficult for a long time to limit yourself to special diets and strictly follow the rules of supply. But all these will definitely yield results. The disease will occur less frequently, will be able to avoid more serious allergic diseases of the child.