First, already in the 19th century, obstetricians were convinced that making love to pregnant women benefit. Even in the later stages, if there was no threat of miscarriage, doctors recommended that spouses not to avoid intimacy. Second, before birth husband and wife fuck is sure to stimulate the dilation and to strengthen tribal activities.
Today sex in early pregnancy is also not prohibited. But the third trimester is a cause for concern. Most secure for the sex life of the spouses 3-6 month. During this period, the fetus is already formed and strengthened. So, if there is no threat of interruption, you can make love without restrictions.
On the other hand, knowingly raised the question if the sex during pregnancy. Of course, if a woman bears twins or triplets, you should exercise caution and refrain from sex. Besides hardly expectant mother wants to have sex with a huge belly.
Sex in early pregnancy can be dangerous if a woman has had a miscarriage or uterine bleeding. In this case, it's better to be careful and wait for a more favorable moment.
The reason for refusal of sex can be a leakage of amniotic fluid, polyhydramnios or low previa chorion. To identify all risks should be monitored regularly by a gynecologist. Otherwise, sex during pregnancy can cause death of the fetus.
Many questions arise about libido pregnant women. Some during this period, the sexual appetite is only growing, others, on the contrary, there is no desire. This moment is also impossible to overlook. It is not necessary to go on about her husband, forcing herself to sexual intercourse, even if you are completely healthy physically.
It is impossible to clearly determine if sex during pregnancy on the last trimester. Many future moms are afraid of physical contact with her husband, citing the fear of premature birth. It should be noted that this is only possible if previously identified the risk of miscarriage.
It is best to discuss the issue of sex during pregnancy with your doctor. The gynecologist at survey and an ultrasound will identify contraindications or lack thereof. In addition, you must immediately after you learned of the conception, pass along with your spouse tests for STDs and HIV. The presence of genital infections may be a decisive moment for refusal from sexual intercourse during gestation.
To summarize, we can say that, provided the health of the mother and father by sex during pregnancy possible to do. The most favourable is the second trimester. Least convenient – the last months of pregnancy.