Hardly anyone would challenge the use of oatmeal. The normalization of metabolism, stimulation of digestion, prevention of anaemia and cardiovascular disease, cleansing the body of toxins: this is only a small fraction of that can give the systematic use of oatmeal. However, to extract from this valuable product maximum benefit, you need to master some rules of its cooking and consumption.

What is oatmeal useful

When it comes to talking about the benefits of oatmeal, it turns out that most people mean boiled or steamed cereal "Hercules". Oats, like any grain, is a cover shell (bran), the intermediate layer of the grain (endosperm) and germ. Oat bran contain proteins, fiber, iron and vitamins of group B. In the endosperm also occur these representatives, but the main supplier of vitamins and minerals is still a fetus.

Oatmeal is also healthy and nutritious, but steaming process destroys some of the properties inherent in the whole grain. In the diet of healthy nutrition are advised to cook porridge from grains. It is clear that they when cooking take more time, but you can buy crushed oatmeal.

Many wonder how to cook healthier oatmeal: milk or water. Just steamed cereals, as is done in the case of cereals, it will not succeed. Experts say that the most useful of porridge cooked on water without added salt and sugar. Especially if we are talking about diets. Because the oats have to shred fat first milk and only then in humans. Its efficiency will be reduced.

Oatmeal in the diet: only in the morning or 3 times a day

Fans of the oatmeal, all the people around with love to tell you how improved their condition from the moment they began to have it every day. Want to lose weight "sit" on the oatmeal diet and consume oatmeal three times a day. Complex carbohydrates for a long time give a feeling of satiety, and Biotin oatmeal, a beneficial effect on the skin, leaving it smooth and velvety to the touch. Oatmeal diet helps to cope even with dermatitis. No wonder facial mask of oatmeal is loved by many women.

Despite all the positive reviews about the constant consumption of oatmeal, doctors do not advise to have it several times a day. One hundred grams of oatmeal, have been subjected to minimum heat treatment is the optimal rule, which will deliver the body with all the necessary. Not recommended to eat oatmeal every day, because oats is composed of phytic acid, which hinders absorption of calcium and extracts of bone already available. Therefore, no matter how comfortable it was on the oatmeal diet, its duration should not exceed weeks.

Good to eat oatmeal on an empty stomach, it normalizes activity of the digestive tract. But, while eating oatmeal, you need to afford the addition of a sandwich or fruit the Right thing to eat this cereal for Breakfast 1 every 2-3 days, alternating it with other cereals that are less useful.