What is the immune system

For starters – what is the immune system. Your body's ability to fight infections, viruses, bacteria and anything else that can threaten your health. If the immune system is weakened, the body ceases to respond to harmful microorganisms, penetrating into it from the outside. Defense is broken and all "sores" are picked up instantly and heal for a long time. What can be the reason for going to the doctor and check immunity.

If you constantly suffer from chronic respiratory diseases if you have sore throat, permanent herpes, furunculosis if there is a syndrome of chronic weariness, drowsiness, lack of interest in life. It is an occasion to address to the doctor to check your immunity. The first "alarm bell" immunity can be frequent colds, especially accompanied by upper respiratory tract infections. If you have a cold not more often than once in three months, your immune system is all right and not to worry.

What is the immunity

Immunity is checked by the immunity. This is a special blood test, which investigated the components of the immune system. Body from diseases protect white blood cells, phagocytes and other cells. Their number and activity, and verifies the immunity.

How is the immunity

As has been said, this is blood. Samples taken of blood, it is obligatory on an empty stomach. If you eat or drink anything, even water, before analysis, the result can be distorted.

The result, "decipher" the immunologist, who writes a referral for immunity. By the way, the immunity allows not only to control the General level of immunity, but also to identify characteristic changes in the body due to a specific disease that can greatly help in the treatment.

How to raise immunity

Medication if the situation is really serious. But-prescription meds and self-medicate to deal with is absolutely contraindicated. Immune trifled with. Therefore medicines for lifting immunity may be prescribed only by a doctor after immunogram. But the various natural Immunostimulants, such as honey, Echinacea, herbal remedies that can be used alone, especially before the flu season.