Meanwhile, health can not only be protected, but also strongly increase. And to make the immune system impenetrable shield for the entire body, it is not necessary to drink vitamins. It is possible to do.

Natural resources

The man is rich. Around him the invaluable treasures: air, water, the sun's heat. And all this can be used to advantage. Only one natural resource can strengthen the immune system so that no blisters will not be afraid.

Stay in the fresh air is the best quenching for each. Boost immunity with air baths can all, including children and the elderly. Tempered air is means to be naked, partially or completely, in the open air. The effect of the strengthening of the body, the stronger the greater the difference between air temperature and body. By the way, air baths are considered the most safe method of hardening.

The sun can also be used to enhance immunity, because it has radiation, which has a healing impact on the body. Of course, in moderation. The sun's rays increase the content of hemoglobin in the blood, improve the condition of the lymphatic system. Overall health improves, the body's resistance to viruses and bacteria becomes higher.

Strengthening the body with water is particularly effective. Wiping, dousing, and gargle give a powerful tempering effect. People who are hardened thus have a strong barrier in front of the disease. There is resistance to low temperatures and to high.

Vegetables and herbs

All vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and should, as often as possible to include in your daily diet. But onions and garlic are the most proven means to strengthen the body and also the most affordable. Regular consumption of these vegetables protects the body from ailments. Even if you just put the garlic cloves or chopped onions in the apartment — the effect will still be. Bacteria will die, failing to achieve your goal.

Almost magical properties of ginger root are known to many. And those who know how helpful ginger, constantly use it in food. Ginger tea helps in fighting against any virus. The disease has already begun, will immediately back down, taking a drink of ginger with honey and lemon.

The honey is just a storehouse of vitamins. Adult only one teaspoon of this healing nectar, to strengthen the immune system. A small amount of honey has to be taken on an empty stomach and drink warm water. This is a real vitamin bomb and no pharmacy supplements can not compare with her. Only Allergy sufferers should be careful to consume honey.

Echinacea purpurea not just increases the body's resistance. As a result, is developing new immune cells! If you regularly brew it in tea, you can avoid many diseases. The taste is pleasant, not bitter, so the kids can also drink this drink. At least in the offseason.


That movement is life know everything. But somehow, too lazy to believe it. Even an ordinary walk can cure many ailments. Regular physical activity treats not only the body but also has a beneficial effect on the mental state of a man. Sport reduces stress, anxiety, calms and removes from depression. Those who are engaged in any sport is always active, vigorous and healthy.


People who frequently go to the bath hurt much less those who don't. "Who steamed, he does not grow old" - says an old saying. And this is indeed the case. Hot wet steam cleans from the inside, pull out all ailment and disease, cleanse the lungs, bronchi, and nasal passages. After its healing effects throughout the body feels light.

To strengthen the immune system means means to say "Yes" to a healthy lifestyle. It is not difficult to follow simple rules on a daily basis. But the result will fully justify the effort.