Bad habits and the immune system

Remember that habit is the worst enemy of the immune system. Try to give up Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Tobacco contains poisons and toxins that destroy the body. In any case, do not use drugs because they reduce the level of antibodies in the blood, which resist viruses.
If you are able to quit tobacco and alcohol, at least keep their use to a reasonable minimum.

Sports and immunity

Medics proved that physical exercise strengthens the body. Exercise, sports. But reasonable batch load, or instead use can harm the body. Try to exercise in the fresh air, since the classes in a stuffy room can cause oxygen deficiency, and this, in turn, is harmful for the heart.

Enhance immunity by walking

How can you get more fresh air. Work in the country, a picnic in the country, a walk in the Park is not only healthy, but also brings positive emotions, soothes the nervous system. And this, in turn, enhances immunity.

Psychological state of the person

If you want your immune system were high, try to avoid stress, unpleasant situations. Avoid negative topics of discussion (disaster, terrorism, incurable diseases, etc.). How can you think less about the bad, enjoy life.

A healthy lifestyle

Follow the regime of the day, ensure you had enough sleep (at least 8 hours a day), and the sleeping room is well ventilated. During the day, if you feel tired, take a break. Do not overload the body.

Vitamins and the immune system

Healthy nutrition – the Foundation of good immunity. To immune system was in order, it is necessary to provide the body with all necessary nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements. The lack of one substance can dramatically decrease the immune system. Be sure to take vitamin-mineral complexes.

Foods that increase immunity

Be sure to enter in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables. They are not only delicious but also rich in number of useful substances with the ability to neutralize free radicals. To eat nuts. Maintain intestinal flora. To do this, eat fermented milk products, especially natural yogurt.

Foods that lower immunity

Minimize in your diet, the proportion of "heavy" of fatty foods – pork, bacon, homemade sausage, smoked. Similarly, reduce the consumption of sugary foods containing large amounts of sugar.
Even if you are very fond of such food, show will power, because we are talking about your health.

Selection of healthy products

Want to restore the immune system? Try to buy products only from reliable, trusted manufacturers. It is no secret that many types of meat available on the market contain antibiotics and many vegetables and fruits – pesticides and herbicides.

Drug enhanced immunity

To raise the immunity, take immune stimulants. Is the main defender of the body – the vitamin C. But do not abuse them (daily dose should not exceed 1.5 g). Also your body with the essential amino acids, like arginine. In any case, a drug aimed at improving the body, it is necessary to take only after consultation with a specialist.