You will need
  • pharmacy pregnancy tests.
There is some evidence confirming the pregnancy at the earliest possible time. It is worth to mention that half of them it happens to many women every month for a few days before the arrival of menstruation. Therefore you can not ignore these symptoms. And only the lack of the main indicator – the beginning of critical days, suggests that maybe you are in an interesting position.
Signs of pregnancy at a very early stage:
- nausea in the morning or in the afternoon;
- drowsiness, increased fatigue;
- irritability, tearfulness;
- swelling and tenderness of Breasts, darkening of the nipple;
- increased appetite and distortion of tastes, craving for salty or sour;
- frequent urination;
- implantation bleeding – out of a very small amount of blood or a pinkish discharge for 1-4 days before the expected menstruation, accompanied, often, spasms and pain;
delay of menstruation.
All of these symptoms can be associated with pregnancy, so menstruation, accompanied by stress, overwork, illness or a strict diet. So just to understand – you are pregnant or not, will only:
pharmacy tests for HCG;
- measurement of basal temperature;
- UZI.
The most simple and effective way is a drugstore test. It can show the existence of the pregnancy already on 1-3 day of menstruation. Tests for pregnancy can be purchased at almost any drugstore without prescription or from your doctor. They seek to identify interesting position early on, from the first day of delay. To use the test is very simple, all consecutive actions are reflected on the packaging. For accurate index test is to use the first morning urine when the concentration of HCG in it maximum.
Pregnancy tests can look different, but all work on the same principle. It is based on the reaction of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) contained in the urine of the pregnant women in large quantities, for chemical reagent deposited on the test plate. If after the test (lowering of the plate into the urine) appears one stripe, the pregnancy is absent. If two then "breathe deeply, you are pregnant".