Treatment of prostatitis should be done only under the supervision of a physician. Prescribed medications may vary in each individual case, depending on the causes of the inflammatory process.

Treatment of prostatitis

For treatment of prostatitis using complex method, including the consistent application of optimal therapeutic agents. First of all, you need to get rid of the cause of pathology and then to normalize blood supply to the gland.

Most often, the first stage of treatment pick antibiotic drugs that can destroy the focus of infection. Medication to reduce the symptoms of the disease, sparing the patient from painful spasms and frequent urination.

During the second stage of treatment prescribed physiotherapy. Among them we can mention magnitophones, electrophoresis, laser therapy, pulsed currents inductothermy. Also widely used prostate massage that improves muscle tone.

The final stage is carried out restorative treatment with use of vitamins, sedatives, hypnotics lungs. In this case, you can also support the treatment of prostatitis folk methods.

Folk treatment of prostatitis

Good effect in the treatment of prostatitis can be obtained by using propolis. Best helps the introduction of rectal suppositories containing at least 0.1 gram of propolis and 0.2 grams of cocoa butter. Led candle is required before bedtime for a month. You will need to spend 3 courses with intervals between them in 1-2 months.

Candles with propolis you can prepare yourself. To do this, take 80 grams of butter, cocoa butter or visceral beef and pork fat, 7.5 grams of propolis, 4.5 grams of Royal jelly, 4.5 grams of pollen, with 12 grams of natural honey. The ingredients melt in a water bath when heating is not more than 40oC. The composition was stirred until a homogeneous consistency. Then the mass is poured into molds made from foil. The size of the molds – 10x50 mm. to Keep the spark you need in the fridge.

For oral use tailor-made herbal teas, which have tonic, tonic and adaptogenic action. Usually they are composed of herbs that normalize the digestive tract and used to treat cystitis and urethritis.

Note that the treatment of prostatitis can last for months and sometimes years. To obtain a positive dynamics of the male should carefully follow the doctor's instructions, adjust your diet and stick to a healthy lifestyle.