Do not attempt to treat the adenoma of the prostate independently. Self-treatment will aggravate the process and may trigger malignant transformation of the prostate cells.
Don't waste money on hyped dietary supplements whose effectiveness is not proven.
Refer to the urologist so he picked the best method of treatment.
Do not delay your visit to the doctor. The more you delay visiting the hospital, the next stage of the adenoma. The disease is treated successfully for early stadia only pills. In the later stages require surgery.
Read the instructions for all medications you are taking. Eliminate all drugs, make it difficult urination.
Abstain from alcohol and caffeine. They cause the already elevated due to adenoma urination.
Limit consumption of spicy food. Spices cause swelling of the prostate and difficult urination.
Not peregrinates, do not visit, for example, baths or saunas. The heat causes a rush of blood to the organs of the pelvis, which increases the formation of urine. The more urine is formed, the more often you experience the urge to urinate.
Regularly take the medications prescribed to you by a urologist. They will help to slow down the process and improve your condition. Irregular medication adenoma increases in size, and cure it without surgery would be impossible.
Agree to surgical removal of the adenoma, if it is recommended by your doctor. Only surgical methods to completely remove the prostate adenoma.
If you do not want to be operated on, and the drug is not effective, remove the adenoma of prostate modern methods with minimal intervention in the body. These include the removal of the adenoma by radio waves, lasers and high temperatures. Incisions, the skin is left, since the instruments are inserted through the urethra.
After a prescription drugs, removal of the adenoma, have regular medical checkups, donate blood to detect changes in the prostate gland.