How is prostatitis

This disease can be infectious or noninfectious in nature, can manifest in acute or chronic form, and even be asymptomatic. But, regardless of the type of the disease, the prostate begins with inflammation of the gland ducts leading out generated by it is the secret in the urethra, and the proliferation of lobules of which it is composed.

Over time, the ducts are formed of microscopic stones, they are mixed with the destroyed epithelium, mucus and form a "tube". In the clogged ducts, these "tubes" are festering. From lobules ceases to depart a secret, it becomes stagnant and soon the iron ceases to work. At this stage inflammation and symptoms of prostatitis.

An acute infectious form

In most men the disease begins acutely. What is prostatitis what bacterial nature, is diagnosed rapidly on the basis of the analysis of semen may contain infectious organisms.

The severity of this type of prostatitis is manifested in difficult urination. Because the mass of inflamed glands increased, she pinched a thin urethra.

And then the inflammatory process "stranglehold" gripped the neck of the bladder, forming scars, scars that compound the difficulty of emptying. In severe cases the ureter is covered completely, and the patient can not urinate independently.

Another characteristic symptom: male sharply feels that his potency had deteriorated. Becomes weak erection of the penis, and because of this, significantly reduced the severity of orgasm.

This significantly worsens the General health of the patient. He was concerned at the weakness of the, drowsiness. Usually the person experiences a sharp pain in the groin, the anus. Painful and difficult can be not only acts of urination, and bowel movements. Often the temperature rises, there is increased sweating.

Chronic infectious form

If acute prostatitis is not cured until the end, the inflammatory process abates, but does not disappear, but moves in a slow form. Accordingly, the symptoms with this form is much weaker, softer. Usually they are diminished, intensified during periods of exacerbations of the disease and then become much more painful.

In chronic prostatitis potency is slightly improving, but leaves much to be desired. The average duration of doing sexual intercourse may be significantly delayed and dramatically reduced. Often there comes a premature ejaculation.

Urination some difficulty, but not as painful as in acute prostatitis. Defecation may bring some discomfort during her penis is often marked prostate secretion.

Sometimes suddenly appear and quickly are soreness, burning in the urinary canal in the groin. Maintained General weakness, some confusion in behavior. Chronic infectious prostatitis must be treated, otherwise it can lead not only to impotence but also to prostate cancer.

Non-infectious form

Non-infectious prostatitis may be inflammatory, and noninflammatory nature. The first option is always evident symptoms of chronic lesions of the gland, which proves the excess of white blood cells in her secret. And the second version of this figure is normal.

The main symptoms of non-infectious prostatitis is smoothed. Urination becomes more frequent but the urge is not so frequent. While there are pain or a burning sensation, but it is tolerable. As well there is tension in the anal area, especially during bowel movements. Can exasperate the pain in the testicles.

Asymptomatic prostatitis, of course, occurs without any signs. He and dangerous. It is difficult to diagnose. Gland is inflamed, a person unaware that he has long been prostatitis, only in latent form. That is why it is important to annually checked by a urologist all healthy men.