Promising and lucrative professions today are a software developer, College Professor, financial adviser and administrator. Analysts suggest that in approximately 10 years, the people of these specialties will receive the highest pay.
Very good income entrepreneurs and Directors of private organizations. Those who create and run their own business are considered to be the richest people. Their average salary ranges from 70 000 to 200 000 rubles per month. Although there is a risk that starting your own business, you can fail. Therefore it is necessary to think carefully about a matter in which field should do.
Law does not cease to be a gold mine. Specifically - the legal profession. The bureaucracy and queues at the law offices testify to this. In an average month, the lawyers have the ability to get from 50 000 to 80 000 rubles.
Everywhere and always are in demand of an accountant. The average salary of an accountant ranges from 50 000 to 60 000 rubles per month. Chief accountants have the opportunity to receive several times more.
All specialties that are associated with the pharmacology or oil, is well-paid. Of course, very well get the General or financial Director trading–industrial holding companies or banks.
Experts in the field of tax calculation are nowadays very relevant. Their salary is on average 50 000-60 000 per month. The high relevance of this profession due to the fact that many people are reluctant to fill in a tax return and to stand in long queues. So they are willing to use the services of these professionals.
Do not forget about the medical field. Private therapists, pediatric speech therapists, dentists do not occupy the last place in the ranking of the most lucrative professions. The average salary of specialistov has 50 000 rubles per month. Work in a private clinic will bring more income than just average. Usually, the patient received a quality service, will advise the good expert to your friends, family and colleagues. And it turns out that for many years many people go to the same doctor, creating him at the same customer base.
At the moment almost all companies in need of IT-specialists and developers. If you like to work in the IT field, you have a great opportunity to get a paying job. Such professionals have within 70 000 – 150 000 rubles per month.