To achieve any goal, you need to place first. Not mentally, not in conversations, and writing it on paper or on file in the laptop and having developed at least a rough plan of its achievement. Because in order to do something towards achieving your goal, you need a plan of action.
Themselves ways to earn 100,000 rubles and more per month there are many, and quite a few of us may earn as much. For convenience, we distinguish three types of earnings: wages for permanent workplace, salary and part time job at home and the income from the business.
Most probably a simple and does not require major changes in life, out of its "comfort zone" in this case is shift work on the better-it is No secret that the salaries are about the same skill in different companies at times. For example, a lawyer would for the same job in the same company 60,000 rubles, and another 100,000 or more. For a lot of money will have, of course, more intensive work to complete English language courses to acquire additional knowledge, but in General if you are willing to work more, then you can try to go to a company with higher requirements and salaries. To do this is to begin tracking jobs how sites for job search and on the websites of well-known companies offering employees a fairly large compensation.
If your workplace suits you, you can additionally earn from home. Many employers have long been accustomed to freelancers, especially that from year to year they are becoming more easily entrust to them certain types of work. So you can try to post your resume on the stock exchanges of freelancers and keep track of emerging orders. Freelancing is good, because you do not have to work. If, for example, you do not have a pedagogical education, but you with success and pleasure in doing tutoring, recommendations from your former students attached to the summary will be enough, and customers you will have. The complexity of this method of earnings is that you have to work a lot, weekends and evenings, outside of work.
It is known that not all business projects are successful. However, if you have a good business idea and the resources to make it in life, starting your own business can quickly take you to a whole new level of income. The business can be successful and have a team of good professionals who gained experience by working for hire, and now decide to open a case within the scope of their previous work.
Whichever way increase their income up to 100000 rubles you choose, the first step that you need to make a plan of action steps towards the goal. It needs to be detailed, with clear deadlines for certain actions. Such a plan will not only help to consistently achieve our goals, but will motivate to achieve success.