1. IT-sphere. This is the most profitable group of occupations on the Internet. This work includes the development of websites, programs, games and applications on smartphone and other device.

2. Web design. To work in this field need to have at least a small knowledge of HTML programming and be able to work with simple graphic editors.

3. Manager in Internet-shop. Today clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, household goods and much more for sale in the online stores. Therefore, the specialty Manager in the Internet-shop is quite popular. But more often offered the job of Manager for the sale. Advertising is everything, if you know how to advertise and sell, you'll be able to earn online.

4. Administrator of social networks. This profession also brings a good income. Especially if you frequent the major social networks and know how to lure visitors to the group.

5. Copywriting, rewriting. This is the most popular earning online. Work that does not require special education, specific knowledge and skills, the main thing - to be able to correctly and beautifully Express their thoughts.

More and more people do not want to bind himself to a strict eight-hour working day and the Cabinet, and to tolerate annoying the user. Increasingly gaining popularity of remote work, when there is a scope of action, the imagination and when you can control your life and your time.

To try yourself on various freelancing sites, where there is a great variety. Of course, have to constantly improve their skills, take courses and trainings, but all this knowledge will pay off and become a kind of investment in the future. The main thing - correctly to define it.