According to the TSB, the lightning called the strongest electric charges, following the trajectory from object number one (storm cloud) to an object, typically a subject matter with the opposite electric charge. Following the path of least resistance, lightning usually strikes the protruding above the earth's surface.

The consequences from a lightning strike

Lightning strikes man are emergencies. Specialists was a large number of deaths caused by this natural disaster. The consequences of such an attack for a person is several times the impact on the body of the common shock. But still surviving very much. The discharge current has a huge temperature (30,000 °C), the impact instantaneous.

At the time of the shock of lightning it is possible to observe the same results as during receiving a charge from the electrical current. There is an immediate loss of consciousness, can stop breathing and heartbeat. Possible convulsions and vomits.
Commonly such a powerful charge of electric current as the lightning strike is fatal to humans.

That some remain alive after being struck by lightning, can be explained by increased individual resistance to effects of current.

Ways to protect from a lightning strike

Search of shelter. The best refuge would be a car or a building with a lightning rod. If there are these objects not, you should follow a few rules: a) hide in a place where there is no risk of flooding; b) while in the woods you need to choose the lowest tree.

Avoidance of threat location. It should be remembered - exposed surfaces become the main source of danger. Also, do not make a halt near the bodies of water and any metal structures.

One of the most reliable instruments of protection against lightning is the lightning rod.

Lightning is a huge challenge for any living organism, and in most cases it leads to death, however, the percentage of survivors is quite high. At the time of the lightning strike on the human body it creates a strong, but short-term charge current. If in the process of passing through the human body electrical current will not hurt the vital organs (lungs, heart, spinal cord and brain), the chance of survival is quite high.