Fit raspberry

If you have planted any shrubs, and then planting raspberries will not cause trouble. To do this, fit slightly acidic or neutral soil, get planting for a Sunny place, isolated from the strong winds. Bad predecessors – tomatoes, potatoes and strawberries. It is recommended to plant raspberries in the spring, in advance to prepare the ground in autumn, to dig and fertilize.

Make holes with a size of 40x50 cm. Stir in the pit of a bucket of rotted manure with the ash, carefully mix with the earth. Soak the roots of the raspberry in plots of solution from the planting mix or in a nutrient solution, lower the shrub into the hole. Sprinkle with layer of fertile land. The distance between the bushes should be about one meter between the rows about two meters. The root collar should be above the ground level several inches. It is strongly recommended not to bury, this can lead to rotting of the buds.

After planting you must water the seedlings, then multiroute the soil with peat, sawdust, wood leaves, horse manure, straw or compost (in the extreme case you can use a dry ground). If the soil mixture is well-moistened after a rain, then extra watering is not needed.

Watering and nutrition

Good fruiting raspberries is dependent on the security of the bushes, watering and nutrition. In the spring, spray raspberries urea (urea box of matches in one bucket of water). The layer of mulch is also a good fertilizer. Several times over the summer, pour humus or peat, as they are quickly processed. Before flowering, fertilize raspberries infusion of mullein (before you need to insist week). To do this, dissolve a quart jar of mullein in a bucket of water, pour under a Bush.

Remember that before you need a good dressing to pour the raspberries with water. If you do not will to do, the fertilizer can burn the plant. In the future, water the shrubs as needed. To plant in the winter went prepared and healthy, should be abundantly watered the bushes in the autumn.

Pruning raspberries

You will not get a good harvest, if you don't properly trim the raspberries. Spring to remove old shoots, which gave the harvest. To replace them, leave six to eight of the most stalwart and sturdy young shoots. The other cut shears at ground level. If you leave a lot of shoots, the raspberry is not strong enough at all, as a result, the number of berries is reduced, the fruits will be small.

In September, after the harvest, remove the old and dry shoots, young branches shorten by ten centimeters, to simulate the growth of side shoots and buds. To prevent excess growth, it leads to the loss of the crop.

Pest control

Don't miss your time, protective measures against pests and diseases of raspberry in a timely manner process plants. If pests are not a lot, then you can do without the use of chemicals. Before ovary buds spray bushes with a solution of baking soda (a tablespoon of baking soda per ten gallons of water) or tobacco decoction (glass tobacco ten glasses of water, boil for two hours before use to dissolve a Cup of broth three cups of water). Plant raspberries next to the garlic, then the pests will not dare to attack raspberry bushes.