Pruning raspberries

In the case of freezing the tips of twigs, cut them to the healthy part. In the case of complete freezing of the Bush, but when you save the living buds at its base, the harvest is still possible to obtain. Unwanted seedlings are removed as soon as possible, immediately after their appearance in the spring, so as not to waste nutrients and water in vain. Every spring cut the branches at a height of five meters, then you can expect a crop of large berries. In the fall you must cut off all weak branches, and the other using scissors to remove the leaves without damaging the buds. After the crop is fully assembled, you should cut branches that were otplodonosivshih, and thin out new shoots.


Care in the spring

The use of nitrogen fertilizer in the spring to improve the growth of crops, but not the main bushes, so to use it is meaningless. With a weak growth of shoots in late may, they fertilize mullein (spade mullein 10 liters of water). The slurry is two years from the last feeding. If you do this every year, per year with frost in winter, frequent rains and snow, the crop will not have time to ripen. The roots of the raspberry are not very deep, that the soil cannot be processed deeper than 10 cm Do it after fertilization.


Babysitting in the summer

As raspberries are often affected by various pests (Mattila beetle, stem fly), it is treated with insecticides, but minimal and strictly according to instructions so as not to spoil the quality of the berries. Process the raspberries in the flowering period it is impossible, then killed the insects that pollinate it. Watering should be generous, once a week, especially in hot weather. Newly planted plants need constantly moist soil until they root well enough.


Ideal if raspberry growing, tied to the supports. You can buy ready-made designs in a special section for gardeners or to make support themselves in the ground every three meters to drive the fixing of metal or wood, pull a rope between them in 3 levels. The distance at which there will be levels depends on the height of the raspberry.


Care in the autumn

Obligatory autumn top dressing of manure, because the soil is left nutrient. Before you dig up the aisle, making manure (5 buckets per 1 square meter), this is done every two years. Also introduce complex mineral fertilizer per 1 square meter it is necessary to take 200 grams). In one year, you cannot make from manure and mineral fertilizer should be alternated them.


Autumn – time to prepare raspberries for winter. The branch bends to the ground, covered with foliage. If there is no foliage, you can rely on the snow – he will protect the bushes from winter kill. In any case, the bushes must be covered, otherwise the frost will ruin them. Even in the summer it is important not to be mistaken with the dressing, because if raspberry overfed with nitrogen, it will not tolerate winter cold.